SmackDown 1000: Memorable Moments Throughout The Years


Hey, folks. As you all are presumably aware, SmackDown 1000 is upon us, so I figured I’d revisit some memorable moments in the shows history. Let’s jump right in.

August 26, 1999

WWF Title

Triple H (c) vs. The Rock


Since its debut in 1993, Raw has always been the flagship show. It was the summer of 1999 when WWF expanded and created another major show we all know as SmackDown. The main event of the initial edition was a WWF Title match pitting two of the very best of their generation against one another – The Rock and Triple H. Shawn Michaels – commissioner at the time – happened to be the special referee. Along with Shane McMahon eventually joining Triple H at ringside. Shane would later get involved in the final minutes of the match. However, HBK would quickly respond and put a stop to it, but Shawn’s true intentions would be shown when he hit Rocky with a little Sweet Chin Music as he was attempting the People’s Elbow for the victory – all this would then allow Hunter to hit his signature Pedigree to retain his title. Good storytelling on the first edition, and a clever way of advancing the storyline.

April 27, 2000

Stone Cold Blows Up DX Express


Stone Cold Steve Austin, who has always unleashed hell on Vince McMahon, was taken out by Rikishi – hired by Triple H.

During an episode of SmackDown, the McMahons and DX believed that Austin was taken care of, nowhere to be seen, however there were rumors that Austin was in fact in the building. Which ultimately worried the McMahon family and DX. Later on, The Rock promised that he would prove that The Rattlesnake was indeed present. Mr. McMahon and company didn’t really believe The Rock, but Austin was actually there, in the parking lot no less. Stone Cold proceeded to destroy the DX Express, all while Triple H and Vince McMahon went ballistic in the ring.

August 9, 2001

Rhyno Gores Jericho


During a brawl with Chris Jericho on the stage, Rhyno plowed right into Y2J with his infamous Gore resulting in a totaled SmackDown set.

September 13, 2001

9/11 Tribute


While other sporting events were canceled, two days after the frightening terrorists attacks, WWE pulled through and payed tribute to the brave men and woman lost in that horrible tragedy. Vince McMahon’s inspiring words to start the show would lighten up the mood a bit as the event progressed.

December 13, 2001

Steve Austin & Booker T’s Supermarket Brawl


One of the most enjoyable and rather amusing moments in the history of the blue brand. Stone Cold attacked Booker T in a supermarket and beat the hell out of him in the produce aisle….more like all over the grocery store. Also you can’t forget Austin’s one-liners and grocery store references. It was a fun segment overall.

June 27, 2002

John Cena’s Debut vs. Kurt Angle


“Ruthless aggression!” Those famous words. There have been many extraordinary debuts over the years, but arguably none of the individuals have had a bigger impact afterwards than John Cena. Plain and simple.

Kurt Angle had already accomplished so much at the time, and he felt he needed some competition, so he issued an open challenge June 27, 2002 and the challenge was accepted by a rookie named John Cena. Angle didn’t quite take the rookie seriously and would eventually win the match, but he did discover that Cena had something special, ruthless aggression. Cenation was born that night and – rather you like him or not – he would go on to become one of the biggest stars the business had (still has) to offer.

June 12, 2003

Brock Lesnar & Big Show Obliterate The Ring


Brock Lesnar and The Big Show had several matches against one another, but none as significant and impactful as the ring collapsing on SmackDown. As soon as Lesnar got Big Show on the top rope you knew something special was going to occur. Two massive dudes on the top rope – now you obviously don’t see that often, so yeah, you felt something big was forthcoming. Lesnar suplexed Show off the rope, the ring exploded and the crowd was in awe.

Definitely not the most technical match you’re ever going to witness, but it was the moment that shined and left fans shocked.

February 19, 2004

Eddie Guerrero’s Championship Celebration



Eddie Guerrero. He was a fantastic wrestler, an awesome character, but like any other human on earth, he was nowhere near flawless in regards to his personal life. Overtime, he developed an addiction to pain killers and alcohol. Life was a constant struggle, but those struggles are what led wrestling fans to genuinely relate to him and support him in his effort to succeed in professional wrestling.

Eddie was sent to rehab and released by WWE in 2001 due to this addiction that led to drunk driving, but after all the rehabbing and recuperating, he turned over a new leaf and returned to the company in 2002. Got over more with the audience and was granted a shot at the Undisputed Championship at the No Way Out PPV. His opponent, well, wasn’t an ordinary opponent – it was the Next Big Thing, Brock Lesnar. No one believed Eddie could overcome the odds, but with the passionate fans behind him, he did it – he defeated Brock Lesnar to become Undisputed Champion.

A celebration ensued after the match, in which we saw Eddie’s emotional moment with his mother, his celebration with the fans, all with the title in one hand and the mexican flag in the other. The party would continue the following SmackDown, as Eddie would once again passionately celebrate with the fans. Truly one of the best moments, as a whole, ever.

November 18, 2005

Tribute Show For Eddie Guerrero



Eddie Guerrero’s passing devastated a lot of people – his fans, his peers, of course his family, friends. He was loved by so many. It was unfortunate for all of us to endure the pain of losing such an awesome human being inside and outside the ring. It was overwhelming as a viewer or spectator watching this show knowing we won’t be seeing Eddie physically apart of the show, but rather celebrating his life because he’s no longer around.

The first Raw after his death showed just how much he meant to his co-workers, they were barely able to express their thoughts on the passing due to the tears. It was difficult to watch. SmackDown followed up with an episode dedicated to Eddie as well, opening with Batista coming out to his dear friend’s theme song, riding one of Eddie’s famous lowrider’s and sharing and expressing his love for him. Main event of the show was two fierce rivals – Chris Benoit and Triple H – competing against each other. Benoit won the match and they respectfully hugged it out.

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