SmackDown Superstars Missing from WWE SummerSlam 2017 Card


As SummerSlam is one of four cross-branded events, there’s more pressure than ever to be on the card and yet, there are still superstars who will not be given that opportunity.

Last night, we looked at the Raw roster’s absentees and tonight, it’s time to shift our focus onto SmackDown Live’s men and women.

Which of the blue brand’s talent has yet to be advertised to have a role in SummerSlam? Let’s take a look!

Note: As always, this is speculation and there is always room over the next few days for WWE to announce extra matches or alterations to the card, so keep that in mind.

Chad Gable

Chad Gable had something good going for him where he was facing AJ Styles and Kevin Owens and putting on a great performance. Then, Jason Jordan moved over to Raw, where he still doesn’t have an Intercontinental Championship match at SummerSlam yet (which is strange) and Gable’s singles push appears to be struggling.

Instead of having a match on the card, he has nothing. Instead of having momentum heading into SummerSlam, he’s gotten squashed by Rusev in an attempt to make The Bulgarian Brute seem more worth a damn since his feud with Randy Orton has been completely missing anything of interest.

Poor Chad Gable. He proved that he deserves better, but it doesn’t look like WWE wants to go with that flow.

Sami Zayn / Mike Kanellis

WWE goes into these periods where they just don’t want to use Sami Zayn and it seems like he’s in one of those lulls right now, which is not only problematic for him, but Mike Kanellis as well.

Those two are still feuding, right? I’m not missing something here, am I? I certainly don’t feel like we’ve had any kind of resolution to their feud and we haven’t seen either of them this week (and possibly last week, but I’m struggling to remember if that’s true or false).

Kanellis is proving himself to be a bust on the main roster after several months and the creative team’s complete lack of motivation to use him in any worthwhile capacity is certainly not helping, so these two aren’t even being scheduled for a pre-show match, apparently.

Tye Dillinger

Another person who has just not been a priority for the entirety of his main roster career is The Perfect 10, which is very frustrating. It makes you wonder why they bother bringing people up to Raw or SmackDown if they either don’t like the person or they see no value in them.

Dillinger has still not had a true feud with anybody since SAnitY in NXT. Sure, he’s had a match with some random people and Aiden English would probably be the most frequent opponent, but there’s no actual storyline or program being worked. He’s almost like a live event placeholder, which they seem to want to place half the roster in the category of nowadays (more on that later).

Dolph Ziggler

Where in the world has Dolph Ziggler been? The Showoff last wrestled on SmackDown television in the Independence Day Battle Royal to determine the new No. 1 contender to the United States Championship and was quickly disposed of before spending the next few weeks completely M.I.A.

Is this a sign that he’s leaving the company, or is it just that he is busy working on other projects and WWE had nothing better for him to do, so they decided to give him a break?

In any scenario, as a fan of Ziggler’s, I’m disappointed he doesn’t have something going on for SummerSlam, but I wouldn’t want them to just slap something together at the 11th hour just for the sake of having him make an appearance, either.

Aiden English, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper and Sin Cara

While Aiden English has been teaming up with Erick Rowan on house shows to face the equally odd pairing of Luke Harper and Sin Cara, that is something that is going to stay on the live event circuit—at least for the time being.

There’s absolutely no indication that this is a serious thing going forward that WWE will even put on television, let alone something that will sneak onto the card at the last minute for the second-biggest event of the year.

James Ellsworth

As the only women’s match on the card is between Natalya and Naomi, the only time we’ll be seeing James Ellsworth is if Carmella decides to cash in her Money in the Bank briefcase on whichever woman is the champion at the time she heads down the ramp.

If that happens, Ellsworth will be by her side. If it doesn’t, those two won’t be showing up on the pay-per-view.

From the Women’s Division

With Naomi and Natalya looped in for the SmackDown Women’s Championship match, the rest of the women on Tuesday nights are out of the running for any official matches, although Carmella does have a chance of cashing in her Money in the Bank contract for an impromptu fight against the winner of Naomi/Natalya.

Lana and Tamina will be working on how to improve each other in whatever the hell that storyline is going to turn into, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch will probably be posting Instagram pictures of themselves drinking coffee and Nikki Bella will be sitting at home, busying herself with the launch of Birdiebee and some wedding planning.

From the Tag Team Division

Since neither team has been advertised for a match and it’s specifically been said that Breezango will return in two weeks, that essentially rules both The Fashion Police and The Ascension out for making an appearance at SummerSlam, even in a backstage skit capacity.

With one half of The Colons injured (Primo), Epico is clearly sitting on the sidelines with nothing to do until that is remedied. At least that’s a proper excuse to be ignored, which is something The Hype Bros can’t attest to.

Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley looked to be on the road to a split and a feud, but plans have either been dropped or pushed back until after SummerSlam as nothing of the sort has happened over the past few weeks, nor have they been given a proper feud or even some decent screen time to sink their teeth into.

The Usual Suspects

Every event for the past few months has seen Kane and Chris Jericho as part of the absentees, so it should go as no surprise that they aren’t scheduled for this event. Their situations don’t appear to be changing any time soon, despite Jericho’s quick one night appearance recently.

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