Stardom: Dreamslam Night 2 Review


I was not expecting Night 2 to be uploaded so fast. This is the second night of the big shows and this time Stardom is in Osaka. The attendance for this show is a bit lower than the other shows that were in the 1,000’s, but did this show deliver like the Korakuen Hall show? Let’s find out.

Match #1: Ruaka, Nao Yamaguchi & Leo Onozaki vs Starlight Kid, Natsumi & Hanan

This match was ok, nothing really note worthy. It started off a bit sloppy and felt like a cluster but it started to pick up towards the end. The rookies tried their best in this match but their greeness definitely showed up in this one. In the end, Starlight Kid puts away Nao with a Rotating Frog Splash.

Winners: Starlight Kid, Natsumi & Hanan

Rating: 1.5 Stars

Match #2: Visual fighter MATCH: SAKI Kashima vs Sumire Natsu vs Shiki Shibusawa


Before the match, during the promos Natsu put down Saki and Shiki and labeled them as cheap country-style yankii girls. She claims both of them gets their make up from the Don Quixote discount department store. Natsu also tells them this in the ring and they double team her.

During match, it was the shinanigans that made it fun. Natsu tricking Shiki to go on to the top as she attempts to pin Saki, The shot trading spot and Shiki holding Natsu in a Camel Clutch as Saki pours water on Natsu and wipes off her make up.

Now in-ring, it was pretty bad, offense did not look smooth. Shiki is green, Natsu is great as a character but lacks solid skills and Saki has been gone for years, but is somehow better and steps ahead of them. You could really see it as Saki tries things and looks too quick and fluid for them. Saki gets the win after hitting an Unprettier on Shiki.

Winner: Saki Kashima

Rating: 1

Match #3: Elimination Tag: Queen’s Quest(Momo Watanabe, Viper, HZK & AZM) vs Team Jungle(Jungle Kyona, Natsuko Tora, & Kaori Yoneyama) & Konami

Very good fast paced action to begin, not one talent out of place in this match. Chemistry between everyone is just fantastic. The story focuses on Kyona and Viper to build up for their title match, which I know is going to be awesome.

Viper gets rid of Yoneyama first after countering her roll up. After that, Natsuko Tora attempts to backside pin Viper but she kicks out of both attempts. Tora whips Viper and then eats a crossbody for the loss. Now Viper and Kyona goes at it, it was so intense that I forgot it was a tag match for awhile.

Kyona and Viper both go over the top rope for the double elimination. Now Konami is left alone with the remaining members of Queen’s Quest. They overwhelm her with the numbers game until Momo attempts a Roundhouse on Konomi and accidentally hits HZK. Konami takes out Momo with an Enzugiri and drops AZM with a devastating German Suplex followed but a Roundhouse to pin AZM.

Konami holds off Momo and HZK for as long as she can and in my head I’m thinking about the big matches these three could put on. Great young workers. Momo drills Konami with a B Driver to win the match. Great match.

Winners: Queens Quest

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Match #4: Stardom Army(Mayu Iwatani & Tam Nakano vs Toni Storm & Xia Brookside

I love how Mayu and Kyona sells matches with looks and expressions. Before the match started, Mayu does her streamer spin intro. Before she does the intro, she is staring directly at Toni just so focused to the point where she attacks first. It was a very good match, Tam Nakano looked even better than she usually does, which isn’t a knock. She did however miss up the Cartwheel Knee Drop because of positioning and some kicks that looked like they missed.

Aside from that, everyone really brought it, Mayu and Toni looked great as always. Poor Xia got killed by Tam and Mayu for the finish. Mayu picks up momentum for their match on the following day in Nagoya.

Winner: Mayu Iwatani & Tam Nakano

Rating: 3 Stars

Match #5: Wonder Of Stardom Championship: Io Shirai(c) vs Bea Priestley


The debut of the new White Belt to usher in the new generation of Stardom, much needed as the title look like its been through wars and so does the canvas which will debut at the upcoming show I believe. This match was fantastic, there were a couple of things that didn’t look right but Io and Bea did a great job to improv and add to the match. A wicked cool spot was Bea going for a Curb Stomp but Io counters into a Sitout Powerbomb.

The recovery and brilliant offense made this match look very awesome, and Io is probably top 5 in selling moves. The closing moments showed Io going for a Tombstone which she usually pops out when things are competitive. Bea is positioned weird so I was a bit worried but I saw Bea leaning over and behold, she locks in a Kimura while having Io in a Headscissors.

Io forces Bea off and regains positioning but Bea counters and has Io in Tombstone position. Io counters Bea and snaps in a Tombstone before she counters. Io holds on and drills her again. Io goes up to the top and nails the Moonsault for successful defense #7. Great stuff.

Winner: And STILL Wonder of Stardom Champion….Io Shirai!!!!

Rating: 3.75 Stars

Match #6: Goddess of Stardom Championship: Oedo Tai(Kagetsu & Hana Kimura)(c) vs The Apache Sisters(Faby & Mari)

This is the match that I’ve been waiting for, two of the strongest teams in Stardom do battle. Hana and Kagetsu has beaten everyone and The Apaches have yet to be taken down. The champions are nervous and say that it’s been awhile since they’ve had a challenge like this.

I don’t say this enough, but Faby Apache is amazing. I’m only upset that she is not on the full time roster because her lucha ability is magnificent. Good news though, we keep Mari around! Kagetsu thrives in fast paced matches and Hana is going to be a star.

Hana is pretty good when it comes to holds, but she wasn’t prepared for what Faby had up her sleeve to counter it. Oedo Tai attempted to use so many underhanded tactics including the aid of Sumire Natsu. However, The Apaches broke right through it.

Kagetsu completely turns the match in their favor as she utilizes the blue Asian Mist to Mari. She sets her up for an Doomsday Dropkick followed by an Oedo Coaster for the win. Awesome match and defense #7.

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