Stardom: Dreamslam Night 1 Review


This event is the first of three Dream Slam shows. The event was held in Tokyo at Korakuen Hall as the others will be held in Osaka and Nagoya. Stardom has once again adopted another name from AJW, this time with an event. Three big cards and this one features farewells, guest appearances, debuts and returns.


Match #1: Hanan & Leo Onozaki vs Ruaka & Nao Yamaguchi

As always, we have the Future of Stardom rookies facing off to open the show. This is Leo and Nao’s first Korakuen Hall show. The rookies of Stardom are green but they have bright futures, Nao and Leo have certainly impressed me since their debuts and Ruaka and Hanan are starting to improve. The match starts off the Leo and Nao trading shots back and forth before Nao takes control. Ruaka tags in and works over Leo.

Leo fights her off and makes the tag to Hanan, who lands two dropkicks. Hanan hits the ropes and Ruaka drops her with some big boots to the chest. She then attempts a Fisherman’s suplex and gets countered into a small package. Hanan then hits an impressive judo hip toss followed by an STO.

Leo tags in and hits two Ace Crushers and goes for the pin but Nao makes the save. Nao and Ruaka teams up on Leo and Nao drops her with a Lariat. Ruaka lifts up Leo for a Fishermen’s Suplex for the win.

Winners: Nao Yamaguchi & Ruaka

Rating: 1.5 Star (Not bad for a rookie match)

Match #2: Tag Gauntlet: The Apache Sisters(Mari & Faby) vs Queens Quest(HZK & AZM) vs Team Jungle(Natsuko Tora & Hiroyo Matsumoto) vs Xia Brookside & Bea Priestley vs Keneisha Moon & Kaori Yoneyama

AZM & HZK vs Kaori Yoneyama and Keneisha Moon are out first the start the gauntlet. The match is off to a quick start as both members of Queen’s Quest work over Yoneyama. Yoneyama gains control after hitting HZK with a DDT followed by a knee to the neck. Kaori tags in Moon who lands a crossbody for a two count. Keneisha slaps on a Fujiwara Armbar but AZM saves HZK. Yoneyama and Moon whips them to the ropes only to get hit with tandem dropkicks. HZK hits Keneisha with a Michinoku Driver for a three. Gosh, that was easy.

Next up is Xia Brookside and Bea Priestley. Xia and HZK trade holds. HZK gets the upper hand and snaps the arm on the ropes. Tag to AZM who lands a brutal kick to the spine for a two. She lands three rebound stomps and almost lost her footing on the last. HZK hits a Senton for a two. AZM is tagged back in but Xia takes control and lands a Facebuster. She tags in Bea who fires off on both QQ members. AZM locks in a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors Armbar followed by a roll up for two. Bea and AZM trade pins for two counts. Now they both attempt strikes, Bea connects with a Roundhouse followed by a Superkick for a two. Xia hits a tree of woe baseball slide to AZM and Bea follows up with a Tree of Woe Double Stomp. She makes the cover and HZK goes in for the save. Xia hits a Cobebreaker on HZK to send her out. AZM tries to fight back. She goes for a Hurricanrana but Bea counters with a powerbomb. Bea measures her for a Superkick to the back of the head before hitting a Curb Stomp that did not look good for a three.

Here come The Apaches. The teams shake hands but the Apaches waste no time attacking them. Tandem Drop Toe Holds and Surfboard for Xia and Bea. The Sisters goes after Bea, Mari hits a Drop Toe Hold and Basement Dropkick follow up from Faby. Bea fires back and drops Mari with a Clothesline. She tags in Xia who tries to work over Mari but gets caught in a Accordion Rack and submits.

Team Jungle makes their way to the ring. It’s always great to see Hiroyo Matsumoto in a Stardom ring. And The Apaches are on game and attacks both women. They work over poor Natsuko who is getting destroyed. Mari hits the ropes and gets grabbed by Hiriyo. Natsuko hits a dropkick to Mari. She tags in Hiroyo who attacks both sisters. The whip Mari into the ropes and attempts a Double Clothesline. Mari breaks through and hits them both but Matsumoto is still on her feet firing up. Both trade strikes back and forth until Hiroyo finally drops Mari with a Lariat. She goes for a Powerbomb but Mari counters with a Back Body Drop. Mari drops her with a Spinning Heel Kick and tags in Faby. Faby gets a two count after a Hurricanrana. She goes for a Wheelbarrow but Hiroyo powers through it and hits a Back Drop. Tag to Natsuko and she drops Faby with a Spear. She goes for another but the Reina de Reinas Champion counters with a boot. Faby attempts a Tormenta Apache but gets countered. Natsuko lands some kicks to the midsection but Faby counters and hits a Shining Wizard for a near fall. She hits the ropes but Hiroyo clotheslines her up against them allowing Natsuko to take control. Mari goes for a Superkick and misses and Hiroyo tosses her out. Natsuko and Faby fights for the advantage but Faby is dropped by a Missle Dropkick from Matsumoto. Rebound knee drop from Hiroyo followed by a Frog Splash from Natsuko for a near fall. Natsuko runs the ropes but Mari kicks her and the Apaches land a double Axe Kick and double Fisherman Buster for two near falls. Mari takes out Hiroyo and Faby hits the Tormenta Apache for the win. Very good match.

Winners: The Apache Sisters

Rating: 3.25 Stars

Match #3: Future Of Stardom Championship: Starlight Kid vs Shiki Shibusawa

The finals of the Future of Stardom tournament is here, a shocking one to me because I didn’t expect Shiki to defeat AZM. The match starts off and they’re both eagar and trade dropkicks and forearms. Shiki eventually takes control and works over Kid with holds. Kid would make her comeback with a Tiger Faint Kick and standing moonsault. Both of these young ladies are really trying to win this. Shiki tries to counter momentum with a roll up after Kid hits a Shiranui, but unlike her match against AZM she didn’t capitalize on Kid’s arm enough to get the win. Shiki is trying her best to put Kid away but Kid’s experience edge over Shiki comes into play. Kid counters Shiki with a Victory Roll followed by a Double Stomp. Kid hitss a Swinging Fishermen’s Neckbreaker for a two. She hits a Standing Moonsault before she hits her Twisting Frog Splash for the win. It was a pretty good match. After the match, Starlight Kid picks AZM to be her first defense at the Nagoya show, AZM accepts and vows to become the 2nd champion.

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