Stars That Will Breakout at Survivor Series


There is little doubt that Suvivor Series, which is airing this Sunday, November 22nd at Philips Arena, is going to be a big chance for WWE to push some of the mid card superstars to the top. With John Cena, Randy Orton and now a recently injured Seth Rollins out for this PPV, superstars that have been pushed to the back of the line now have a chance to breakout and prove that they can be headliners.

Dean Ambrose, who has proven many times that he can entertain a crowd in a main event, is quite possibly the biggest breakout star in this PPV. His battles with Seth Rollins have been some of his greatest matches, and now that he is back in the main event picture, he can prove, once again, that WWE making him the champion is what’s best for business. There is also a chance we may see a feud between him and his “brother” Roman Reigns. Can a possible heel turn be coming one of the superstars’ ways?

The Wyatt Family have dominated the tag team division for well over 2 years. With their eerie antics and Bray Wyatt’s compelling promos, they’ve been deemed unstoppable. Their feud with the Brothers of Destruction gives them a chance to show the world that they can dominate one of the most infamous and dangerous tag teams of all time. Will the Wyatt Family become the new faces of fear in the WWE?

Charlotte, the daughter of WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair (insert WOOOOO), is now the Queen of the Divas Division. She dethroned Nikki Bella to become the Divas Champion. However, while Charlotte is quite possibly one of the most talented divas in the ring, her time as champion has done anything but glorify the actual championship. Charlottes reigns seems more focused on fighting with Paige and protecting Becky Lynch. Survivor Series gives Charlottes a chance to breakout of that box and defend the title she well deserves.

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