​Steve Austin Addresses The WWE Rumors – Are There Issues?, Did He Turn Down Tough Enough?


On the newest edition of The Steve Austin Show, Steve Austin took the time to discuss the recent rumors regarding his relationship with the WWE. Here is the breakdown…

* There is no heat on him for not appearing at WrestleMania 31. He says that there were never any creative plans in place for him on the show. He also shot down the rumor that he was supposed to be on a flight to the event with the Undertaker. Austin was not there because he was not scheduled to be there. NOTE: As we reported, although there were no set plans in place, WWE expected him to be in town for WrestleMania 31 and planned to talk to him about an idea they had in mind for him. When he never showed up, they weren’t able to present the idea to him.

* On the rumors that he turned down Tough Enough, He isn’t doing the show but did not turn down the offer. He said that he agreed to host the show when it was scheduled for a February/March shoot. To me went on, the show got pushed back, and then CMT wanted to go forward with doing more episodes of the Broken Skull Challenge. Austin went back to work on his Broken Skull Challenge, and due to those commitments, won’t be doing Tough Enough. He adds that the timing issue is no one’s fault, and that it takes a lot of work to put together a reality show like Tough Enough.

* Austin spoke about reports that Vince McMahon was not happy with some of the questions he asked on the WWE Network podcasts. He says that it isn’t true and that there is no heat between he and Vince. Austin also says that there were talks of doing more podcasts on the Network, but for whatever reason, a deal was not made and they are moving on without him.

* The bottom line from Austin is that at this time WWE is going one way, and he is going another. He feels that they could hook up again and that they could do good business. WWE is in his blood, and closed with “there’s no heat, nowhere. It’s cool, moving on.”

He kept things very cool and seemed to downplay the issues. It’s possible that the two sides may have talked since WrestleMania and that’s why he’s playing coy.

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