​Steve Austin Discusses Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker, The IWC’s Dislike For John Cena, & More


Steve Austin as recently interviewed by IGN, here are the highlights…

On Lesnar vs. Undertaker at SummerSlam: “I think it’s his turn. And if you go that way then you can take the rubber match to WrestleMania and then Brock goes over and Taker rides off into the sunset. That’d be my prediction.”

On The Internet’s Dislike For John Cena: “But everybody also knows that I’m a huge John Cena fan for his contributions for what he’s done for the business. He’s been the top guy for the last ten years. I’ve been there and I did it, so the run that he’s had is amazing. When you get the IWC involved, a lot of people have had a gut-full of him. But when a guy like me from outside, who was inside in the business at the highest level, looks at what he’s done, it’s phenomenal. So you could flip a coin on this one. You’d really have to get inside Vince McMahon’s head and see the chess game that’s going on. Get his mindset to see what he wants to do with the pieces on the table. That’s a hard one for me to pick. I’ll go Taker on Taker/Lesnar, but it’s really hard to call Cena/Rollins.”

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