Steve Austin Responds To Bill Goldberg’s Claims That He Never Actually Drank His Beers – Video


TMZ recently spoke with Stone Cold Steve Austin, who had some choice words for Goldberg. As we previously reported, Goldberg claimed that Austin never actually drank his beer when he cracked open some Steveweisers after a match.

Austin said: “I didn’t catch the context if Bill was being serious or not. Yeah, he’s full of shit. About 50% of the beer went in, about 50% of the beer went on, that’s the showbiz part of it. There have been plenty of times when I left that ring and I had a pretty good buzz.”

He also said that Goldberg is not a drinker and Austin got him drunk in the ring a few times. He added that he loves Goldberg and he’s “one of my good friends”, but had no doubt that Goldberg would lose if they had a drinking contest.

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