Steve Austin’s Tells Cesaro F**K All The Politics In WWE, Come Back Both Guns Blazing


Stone Cold Steve Austin spoke recently with Wade Keller on “The Steve Austin Show”, during the podcast Austin and Keller talked about Cesaro, his current injury, and his future in WWE.

As you know Austin has praised Cesaro countless times hoping he’ll one day get a major push. Austin spoke very candidly about Cesaro’s current position in WWE, and praised Cesaro’s in-ring work, but said he’s a guy who’s been “lost in the shuffle” of the current WWE storylines.

Austin added that while it’s unfortunate for Cesaro that he is currently sidelined with an injury, he should take the time he has off to sit back and think of ways he can reinvent himself. While Austin did not mention this specifically, pro wrestling lore has it that Austin came up with the “Stone Cold” name and gimmick while sitting at home and frustrated with what WWE had been doing with him creatively.

On Cesaro’s return from injury, Steve Austin offered this advice: “Time for this guy to come back both guns blazing. F**k all of the politics. I’m going to the top.”

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