Steve Austin Talks About Rumors Of Heat With WWE, Vince McMahon, Not Doing Tough Enough & More


WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin spoke on Tuesday’s episode of his podcast, “The Steve Austin Show,” to address the rumors that he and WWE are not on good terms. He revealed his status with the company and his future with them. Down below are the highlights.

Austin on Chris Jericho having his podcast on the WWE Network & not him: He stated that the original deal with WWE was for two podcasts and then after the two sides would negotiate on a new deal for him to continue doing the shows. He said that the deal could not be made and as of now, he will not be doing his podcast on the WWE Network. Thus the reason Jericho was doing his podcast with Cena last night.

Austin on Vince McMahon having issues with some of his questions: Austin said that those rumors are not true.

Austin on creative issues about appearing at WrestleMania 31: Austin said that there were no plans for him at WrestleMania 31. He never turned anything because nothing was ever presented to him from creative. Also, he was never scheduled to be there. Austin stated that there is no heat on him for missing Mania because WWE never had anything scripted for him.

Austin on Tough Enough: Austin said that the reason he is not doing the show is because of the timing issues. WWE was going to tape the show in February-March but we’re in April and it still hasn’t happened. Austin said that he has to film his Broken Skull Ranch show for CMT and the two scheduling times was the only conflict in the deal not being made. He said that he would have loved to do the show.

Austin on his future with WWE: “Stone Cold” said that he and WWE are going in two different directions right now, if they hook back up, it’ll be gangbusters. Austin said he will always have WWE in his blood. Austin said, “No heat, nowhere. It’s cool, moving on…”

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