Superstar’s In The Making!


Roman Reigns- The muscle of the Shield has been on such a dominating roll since last years Survivor Series where he tied a record of most elimanations in a traditional 5 on 5 tag match which in the process lead to big opportunities and big wins over superstars as big as CM Punk. At the Royal Rumble PPV earlier on in the year he eliminated 12 men in which broke the record that Kane held for 13years of most eliminations in a single Rumble, with such big substantial records tied and broken we all know the futures bright for this young upcoming star. The question on the end of all our tounges is what’s next for the big man?

Cesaro- The Swiss Superman is such a tremendous in ring performer his urban quirky move-set sets him apart from all current stars and all past stars which is how he will become the man! Since turning Face at Wrestlemania 30 Cesaro has been on a war path destroying anyone who gets in his way, he won the first ever ATGMBR at Mania then the next night on Raw debuted a new manager (Paul Heymen) which since has seen him score big victorys over The Big Show and Mark Henry. The WWE universe is behind the King Of Swing and what I’ve heard so is the company so where do you see The Swiss Superman a few months down the line? 


Bray Wyatt- His storytelling abilities are on point his character nails the element of the word Unknown, we as fans all want to explore his character and make the Unknown Known! He and his Family have made enemies of the companies biggest stars by playing mind games with them and in the process winning and losing to them. When Bray loses a match he still in many eyes gets the same amount of credit and reconition he would receive if he won due to the way he potrays his Monstrous character. He has picked up big wins over many big names such as Kane, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns and Big E which shows that he isn’t a name to be forgotten. It looks like we (The Audience) will get what we won’t in terms of him winning Titles and us getting to explore his deranged character. But Will the future Follow The Buzzards?

Out of these 3 stars who do you see being the most successful down the line? Leave opinions, ideas and suggestions.

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