Superstars Missing from WWE Roadblock 2016 Event Card


The Divas

There is a lot of speculation that a second divas match will take place at WrestleMania, and I’m 100% against that, as there’s nothing else of interest going on in the division outside of the championship triple threat (and even that is a stretch to say it’s particularly spellbinding). A feud between Lana and Brie Bella is really not WrestleMania-worthy, and a generic tag team clusterfuck with every woman other than the three in the title match is even more likely to be bumped off the card than a Kalisto vs. Ryback match. In the grand scheme of things, since Charlotte won’t be defending her title here and Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks have already had a number of tag team matches against Tamina and Naomi, Roadblock fits as a better place to cut to the chase and have Brie against Lana or whatever other type of match WWE is thinking about having. Then again, if Lana can’t wrestle worth a damn—and she’s yet to prove that she can—why even have that match at all?


It will be interesting to see what WWE pulls out of the hat come Saturday, but right now, Roadblock seems like it’s operating on a pretty open road with little traffic. There’s still time to announce more matches, so that will undoubtedly happen even if it’s just during the pre-show or at the beginning of the event, but WWE needs to stop this habit of last-minute scheduling for events if the fans are expected to have any anticipation for them. Surprises on the night of the event can be fun, but only if they are worth the price of having zero build, and if this all ends up being nothing but another episode of Monday Night Raw with the same caliber matches, WWE shouldn’t be surprised if fans place all the weight of their judgment on the main event alone.

Which superstars who aren’t currently set up for a match are you hoping will compete in some fashion? What would you book if WWE gave you the keys to the kingdom for Saturday? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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