Superstars Steve Austin Should Return To Wrestle (Part 1)


This week’s topic…

Top 5 Potential Steve Austin Opponents

In this scenario, WWE is bringing Steve Austin back for ONLY FIVE matches. What five opponents would you want Austin to face?

5. vs. Randy Orton It makes sense Orton would want to add another
to his “Legend Killer” list and Austin would be good for it. Of course,
a fight between them can be wild, Austin sill hanging in an ugly brawl
but handling the hard moves Orton can make. Orton, for his part, can mix
it up with teasing various RKO’s before a good selling of the Stunner.
Either way it falls out, Orton does well with veterans and that can work
well with Austin and a good way to build Orton more with fans.
4. vs. The Undertaker Yeah, the Streak being broken cracked
much of Taker’s heat. But he’s still Undertaker, still a major respected
face in the company and he and Austin have put on great matches in the
past. Maybe slower but it would be notable to watch them go at it today,
a fine brawl and a good battle to make you remember the wide admiration
for both guys in the company and a Mania battle would be a good way to
set both legacies in stone.

3. vs. the Rock Just one more time. Both of these guys put on
great matches together and even with the passing of years, they carry a
crowd together on the mic like few before or since. They can still argue
about who was the bigger star of the Attitude era and a final match to
settle that would be a fun affair and, while slower, both guys giving it
their best to rock an arena and a great reminder of the magic of the
Attitude era.

2. vs. HHH They never had a big Mania showdown, which is
rather surprising. Sure, they had wild fights but Austin was on the
downslide when HHH began his rise to main event stardom so they didn’t
mix as much as they could have. It could be a fun battle still as HHH
knows to bring his A-game to big matches and he and Austin wanting the
major fight they never really had before. Put it on a big stage like
Mania and it can be something truly wild and get you going, a fine
tribute to both careers and a reminder of the era that made wrestling
shine so well.

1. vs. John Cena The promo battle alone would be great and the
match itself much better than most would expect. Say what you will
about Cena, he’s great in major matches like this and his conditioning
can allow him to help carry Austin more. They can do some great brawling
all over the place and yet some good in-ring action as well, carrying
the fans along and making this a memorable battle. These are the two
biggest stars of their respective eras and two guys who carry massive
fan heat around them so a showdown would be pretty epic, one of the last
“dream matches” around and help cement Cena’s own legacy while still
letting Austin’s shine.

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