Survivor Series 2013 Predictions


We are currently about one hour removed from the Survivor Series PPV, and I desperately pray that all of you will find an online stream, because in all honesty, I can’t see any logical wrestling fan who would pay 50 dollars to watch this card. If you look at this match card without knowing it was on PPV, this could easily be one for Monday Night RAW. That’s how bad it is. But, that doesn’t mean I still can’t give predictions. Here is my predictions for the Survivor Series.


Randy Orton vs Big Show : WWE Championship

This match up was a mid-card match at Extreme Rules. It wasn’t inspiring then, and being the main event doesn’t make it better now. So let’s see if i get this straight. Big Show ruins the main event of Battleground, steals Daniel Bryan’s catchphrase (still do not know why Bryan doesn’t sue for gimmick infringement) and now gets a shot at the WWE Title? I guess. Anyways, when the main event of a PPV is based on legal ramifications, it is not interesting at all. I guess WWE thought that Daniel Bryan wasn’t the one people want. No, it’s the 41 year old Big Show. Why not? I mean he is so talented in the ring right? Well anyways, Show isn’t walking out of Boston with the title. Triple H says no one will interfere. I think that’s bull but we will see.

Winner: Big Show by disqualification/CO

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

I’m not really a fan of having a standard tag match at Survivor Series. The match still should be a good one though. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are a very good short term team, but it’s unfortunate that this means Byran is out of the WWE Title Picture. Ho hum. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper will be on their first PPV match and they will go up against 2 of the elite. Now my logic tells me that since Daniel Bryan and CM Punk have both pinned Luke Harper, then the heels will win at the PPV. I just can’t see how the Wyatt Family can lose anymore momentum. I’m going to go with the Wyatts here just for that sheer purpose, but i wouldn’t be the least bit shocked if Punk and Bryan win.

Winners: Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio: World Heavyweight Championship

Well, you can expect this to be a good match, but it’s just a rematch of the same match at Hell In A Cell. I still don’t seem to understand that Damien Sandow doesn’t get his rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship. An interesting thing to note here is that John Cena got the upper hand on Del Rio on Monday Night RAW. So based on that, I would normally pick Del Rio. Problem is, his opponent is John Cena. And there is no way ADR is going to beat Cena in a clean fight. Besides, Cena only held the title for a couple of weeks. It would be a tad early to take it off of him now. Besides, I would hate to see Del Rio as champion again. Oh yea, did I mention this match is in Cena’s hometown?

Winner: John Cena

The Real Americans and The Shield vs The Usos, Cody Rhodes, Goldust and Rey Mysterio

I am really uneven about this match. I really wanted the 6 on 6 we saw on RAW. But that match wasn’t the least bit horrible. It just would have been better to see it on PPV but i guess we can settle for this. Whenever The Shield and the Rhodes brothers are in the ring together, it is guaranteed to be what Jim Ross would call it, a slobbernocker (did i spell that right?). It should be a good back and forth. Rey probably won’t see much more offense than a couple of kicks, signature moves and a 619 or two. The Usos and Rey Mysterio defeated The Shield and The Shield lost the 6 on 6. Cody Rhodes and Goldust defeated Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro to retain the Tag Titles. So once again, WWE logic is that the heels should win. The only thing holding me back is that Rey is back and it might be too early to lose. I will go with my gut here, but WWE can always give the faces the win.

Winners: The Real Americans and The Shield

Big E Langston vs Curtis Axel: Intercontinental Championship

Big E dominated Curtis in their first matchup and Big E got the biggest pop he ever received when he finally defeated Curtis to attain the IC Title. Whether or not he brings prestige to the title is all up for debate. But he will be far better than Axel. This prediction is too easy. Unless WWE has a whole bunch of farm-suitable substances in their office, they would be wise not to drop the title on him 1 week after winning it. But just to keep things in perspective, remember what WWE did with The Miz and Wade Barrett at WrestleMania and Monday Night RAW after. Just saying.

Winner: Big E Langston

Total Divas vs Others

This is just awful. Truly awful. Never thought I’d say that about 14 gorgeous woman. It’s just a shame that AJ Lee is the only watchable Diva in the division. The 13 other woman in this match are either lacking in basic wrestling ability, charisma, or just plain sucks. They are all beneath AJ’s oppressive boot. And can you believe this was created from a Musical Chairs match? Really? If there is anything i know for a certainty that will happen is that all of them will receive the jobber entrance. Except maybe AJ. I personally don’t care who wins, and it doesn’t matter. But I’ll pick whatever team AJ is on. She’s hot.

Winners: AJ and Total Divas

Once again, I do not know who in their right mind would pay fifty dollars for this card. This is absolutely horrible. The only thing that would make this night better is if Chris Jericho returns and makes Cena tap to the Walls of Jericho. A boy can dream though right? Anyways, see you in the aftermath of Survivor Series. Don’t pay for it though.

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