Survivor Series 2015 Review


The second longest running WWE event, and 29th annual, Survivor Series came from the Phillips Arena in Atalanta, Georgia. Lilian Garcia would kick off the show with a rendition of ‘America the Beautiful’ on a night where we would crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and celebrate 25 years of the Undertaker.

WWE World heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi Final Match

Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio

It was a no brainer to which man was going to come out on top in this match, and progress to the final later on in the night. That man was of course Roman Reigns. Personally I don’t think anyone saw this match going any other way, but the two men did put on a pretty solid match. There were several near falls and good spots in this match and the fans were definitely into it. It wasn’t total control by Reigns, Del Rio did get his moves in and made it seem possible that he could cause an upset. There was at one point cries of “this is awesome” and in fairness the match was good, but overall the end result was no surprise. Del Rio locked in the cross arm breaker but Reigns managed to lift Del Rio over the top rope. Del Rio kept the hold locked in and exploited the 5 count. Del Rio then went to the outside before climbing to the top rope. Del Rio came off the top rope but Reigns ducked before delivering a spear for the win. Reigns would then progress to the final to the satisfaction of the majority of fans.

Winner Roman Reigns

Match Rating: 5/10

WWE World heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi Final Match

Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose

I feel the result of this match was less set in stone compared to the previous semi final match, making it plausible for either man to pick up the victory. This made the match mean something and made it more enjoyable to watch. The match was a hard fought battle with some great spots and near falls that entertained the audience, but it would be Ambrose who would ultimately come out victorious. Owens would go for a pop up power bomb but Ambrose countered this with a hurricanrana before hitting dirty deeds for the win. WWE had gone predictable with the semi final results meaning we would now witness the long anticipated Reigns vs Ambrose match for the title later on that night. I definitely feel this was the right booking decision by WWE.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Match Rating 6/10

Traditional Survivor Series 5 on 5 Match

Ryback, The Usos and the Lucha Dragons vs The New Day, Sheamus and King Barrett

I’m glad WWE have kept this tradition of the 5 on 5 concept at Survivor Series, but overall this match wasn’t something I was too invested in or bothered about. There was nothing on the line and there were no surprised returns or faces from NXT involved, it was a simply a babyface vs heels match up. In all honesty the match was ok I guess and there were some good moments in the match. The entrance of the New Day with Barrett and Sheamus was highly amusing. All three members of the New Day would mock their opponents, but the funniest part of the entrance was when Sheamus took to the mic and said something along the lines of “we’re going get jiggy on these posers” as if to fit in with the New Day gimmick. The New Day and Barrett just looked at Sheamus in disproval and Sheamus’ face was a picture. The match ended with Kalisto, Jey Uso and Ryback against Sheamus. The New Day abandoned Sheamus after Big E was eliminated. Sheamus was caught in a team move that resulted in Ryback hitting the shell shock for the win. So far it wasn’t looking like it was going to be a good night for Sheamus but he would eventually get the last laugh.

Sole Survivors: Ryback, Kalisto and Jey Uso

Match Rating: 4/10

Divas Championship Match

Charlotte (c) vs Paige

The controversial remarks by Paige on Raw and the rivalry built up between the two women gave this match potential to be a good one. Overall it was a solid match but I certainly couldn’t see Charlotte losing, which ultimately she didn’t. The match got a good 15 minutes which shows just how far the Divas revolution has come. Divas matches have now become a part of the show that people are actually invested in, and are no longer used as an excuse to go to the toilet or to have drinks break. The best spot in the match was when Paige was on the barricade and Charlotte hit a wicked spear taking Paige down to the floor. This certainly got the fans into the match, if they were not already into it. Charlotte would later lock in the figure eight submission for the win. An overall solid match

Winner: Charlotte

Match Rating: 5/10

Tyler breeze vs Dolph Ziggler

Theres nothing much to say about this match, it only got about 6 minutes on the show. Breeze picked up the victory after executing the Unprettier onto Ziggler. I said in my predictions that I was looking forward to this match as I’m a fan of Breeze from seeing him frequently on NXT, but overall WWE have booked him terribly since he arrived onto the main roster and did so again in this match. This match should have been allowed at least 10-15 minutes giving time for Breeze to really show off, no pun intended, his in ring talents to the fans who are not too familiar with him or NXT. The fans can see he’s a heel but are overall not too sure what to make of this guy, if WWE give him T.V time then hopefully they will see how talented he is. Cole stated after the match that Breeze’ victory over Ziggler could “send this young mans career into orbit”. Hopefully Cole is right but as of now I’m not too sure and thats not Breeze’ fault, whoevers been booking his matches and segments are to blame. I’m glad Breeze won the match but his victory could have meant so much more if WWE had built it right and had given it time.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Match Rating: 2/10

The Brothers of Destruction (Undertaker and Kane) Vs The Wyatt Family ( Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper)

The Undertaker has been one of, if not the most entertaining and loyal superstar ever to grace a WWE ring. Over the last 25 years the Phenom has never failed to perform and put on a show to the fans and has always carried a mystique about him. Sunday night was a celebration of his remarkable 25 year career that is not over by any means. I must say however that this match won’t be remembered as one of Undertakers greatest matches. It seemed to take almost 25 years for the actual match to start as there was a promo before the match and the entrances of both parties took a lot of time up. The match was flawless as far as Taker was concerned but it seemed to lack something that I can’t put my finger on. I was invested in the match prior to it but I can’t say I was during it. Although it was Wyatt and Harper who were actually in the match, both Rowan and Strowman were briefly involved and both took double chokeslams. Rowan took his chokeslam before the match even started and Strowman later received a double chokeslam through an announce desk. There was a great moment where both Taker and Kane sat up in the centre of the ring as Wyatt was doing his creepy upside down pose but wrestling wise there wasn’t much to talk about. Taker hit Harper with an excellent Tombstone piledriver for the win. It made sense that Taker and Kane won due to the fact that it was Takers 25 anniversary however, I still believe it would have been so much more impactful if the Wyatts went over in this match but nonertheless they didn’t and again I am left wondering where do the Wyatts go from here?

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