Survivor Series 2018 Review and Match Ratings


The frustration of not beating Becky and being a failure as a stand-in got to her, so her only recourse was to essentially do what Becky was probably going to do.

The match was also equally awesome. Ronda is just a born natural. The two told a great story and all the chain wrestling sequences were very well done. The typical arm vs. leg psychology also helped matters as well.

The best part about the non finish was that it practically guarantees that the two will meet again on a bigger platform, and we are reportedly getting Becky/Ronda as a main event for WrestleMania. Just know I’m here for all of it. Awesome showing by the the women here. ****1/4

Brock Lesnar def. Daniel Bryan

I could have done without the opening 10 minutes or so of Brock doing his actual shtick, but the energy changed in the match once Bryan got some offense in. I just couldn’t help but notice how stupid that ref bump was.  Choida was literally standing right next to Lesnar at the time of the F-5 and then just flopped on his back

I appreciated the consistency in Bryan sticking with the low-blow routine to gain an advantage, but he found out that Lesnar was a much different animal than AJ.

The tap out teases and near falls were also solid. I guess the biggest gaffe I had was that it was too one-sided for too long. It started out in a similar way from AJ’s match with Lesnar last year, but they essentially fought each other to a draw. As hot as the crowd got, there wasn’t a moment where I thought Bryan was winning. I had that moment with AJ last year.

Overall, a solid main event and very well worked, but they stuck with the Brock formula for too long at the start for me. ***3/4


First and most importantly, shoutout to Enzo Amore. Next, Survivor Series to me was arguably the best main roster PPV of the year. It’s right up there with WrestleMania and Hell In A Cell. Was it better than Takeover? Probably not. But the margin wasn’t as big as it usually is.

The selling point behind the PPV was seeing matches we’d ofhersise never see, and I think it delivered in that aspect. You got a handful of four star quality matches and intense drama. Some stuff was a waste and other things was questionable, but I definitely have more good than bad to say about rhis

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