Survivor Series Predictions


Here are my late predictions for tonights Survivor Series PPV.

WWE title Semi Final Match

Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens

This match will hopefully live up to its expectation and be an enjoyable match however, it seems almost too predictable that Ambrose will come out victorious in this match and go on to face his former Shield brother Roman Reigns in the final. I just can’t see the results of the two semi finals going any other way. I feel if Ambrose wins, which ultimately I think he will, then it will be a certainty that Reigns will win the title. Whereas perhaps if Owens made it to the final then people may question whether Reigns will come out on top. Overall this match should be good but I feel the result is too predictable.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

WWE title Semi Final Match

Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio

This match is even more predictable than the other semi final match. I don’t think anyone can see Del Rio winning this match, and thats not taking anything from him, but surely he doesn’t stand a chance. If Reigns doesn’t make it to the final then it will probably be the biggest upset of the year, perhaps even bigger than Owens beating Cena.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Tyler Breeze vs Dolph Ziggler

It worries me saying this but, Im actually looking forward to this match the most out of the whole card. As long as WWE gives this match time then it could be a great match. I’ve been watching the Tyler Breeze’ character since he arrived onto NXT and since then he has proven how good of a performer he is, both in ring and on the mic. I do however feel that any WWE haven’t really booked Breeze well since he arrived onto WWE television. His debut where he attacked Ziggler I thought was good but since then he has not been given a real opportunity, certainly time wise, to show the non NXT viewers who are not familiar with his talent what he is capable of. I watch NXT regularly and am a fan of Breeze so his booking lately has been frustrating. Yes I like the idea of Breeze vs Ziggler but it could have been booked a whole lot better. I can’t stress this enough, why bring someone up from NXT, where they have been thriving, and book them poorly on the main roster. WWE have done this with Bo Dallas, Neville, The Ascension and probably a few more so don’t do the same to Breeze. I really want Breeze to go over and I feel it would be the ideal time to put him over. Will he beat Ziggler clean, I’m not too sure, but it should be a good match if WWE book it right and give it time, that of which I’m not too sure about either.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Divas Championship Match

Charlotte (c) vs Paige

This feud has been enjoyable to watch due to its believability. I mean the controversial remarks from Paige on Raw gave this feud a whole new lease of life, making it very personal. I’m hoping this match is given time and I think the fans will be into the match because they are definitely into the feud. Overall I feel Charlotte will retain in what could be a pretty violent grudge match.

Winner: Charlotte

Traditional Survivor Series 5 on 5 Match

Its all very well keeping with traditions and all but I’m not too sure if anyone is too interested in this match. Personally, after watching Hell In A Cell, I believed the Wyatt’s and a mystery partner would take on Undertaker, Kane and three other mystery partners. Obviously I was wrong on that prediction, which doesn’t give me too much hope about my predictions for this show. Theres talk of there being guys like The New Day, The Dudley’s, Cesaro, Barrett and so on, all being involved in the match and although I’m sure they would put on a good match I’m not so sure if anyone will be too invested into it. However if you added a few surprise faces into the mix like Daniel Bryan, Cena, Jericho, Rusev then the match may be more interesting. I suppose we’ll have to just wait and see.

Winners: I have no idea

Undertaker and Kane vs The Wyatt Family

This feud has been built fairly well I suppose, I mean at least Bray Wyatt wasn’t left alone in the ring each week to build the feud on his own, like he did leading up to his match with Taker at Wrestlemania. Undertaker has made several appearances with Kane over the past few weeks which has helped strengthen the feud and made fans more invested into the match. As for the match I think it should be pretty good but I don’t really know where both parties go after the match. Will the feud continue or will they go there separate ways? I would imagine the later as I feel Undertaker will want to move on and face a few other superstars before his potential final match at Mania. Obviously its the 25th anniversary of the Undertaker so a win does seem more likely for the Brother of Destruction, yet I feel the impact if the Wyatts were to win would be immense. Bray Wyatt hasn’t won on PPV in a long time, if ever , so I’m hoping the Wyatts go over here in what could be a shocking victory.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

WWE title Match

Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns

If my predictions come to fruition then we will be left with the two former Shield members Ambrose and Reigns in the final. I’m certain if this is the final that Reigns will win and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion however, before he wins I feel a heel turn on Ambrose has to take place. This would mean Reigns would somehow screw over Ambrose to win the title and then align himself with the Authority. If Ambrose won the title, which is less likely, then Reigns could still turn on Ambrose out of jealousy. I’m not too concerned about who wins this match, although I firmly believe Reigns will win, I am however more concerned about how the show will finish. I will be surprised and almost disappointed if Reigns doesn’t turn heel at the end of the night. What would be a more surprising and disappointing end to the night would be to have Sheamus cash in and win the title.

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