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There has been countless amounts of discussions about breaking up The Shield. Most of the talk is about Roman Reigns leaving, and being a breakout star. Sadly, it leaves Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins with no big man. There’s been a lot of talk about who should replace him, if at all. The main name being tossed around now (As you all know) is Mason Ryan…Ugh. Well, today on Thinking Out Loud, we’ll be talking about what to really do with The Shield from here on out, and hopefully find a good solution that we can agree on.

Roman Reigns leaving The Shield is a bad decision for multiple reasons. The main reason is that he is the groups “Intimidator” if you will. He’s the one that everyone will look at and immediately gets afraid of. With a 3-man group, most of the time they have this. Look at the nWo. I’m not trying to compare them to Hogan, Hall and Nash, but just saying. The groups big man was Kevin Nash. While Hogan is a bigger guy, I don’t consider him as a “Big Man”. I kind of categorize him more as an all around guy. Anyway, the point is that if a group has that Big Man presence, then it only makes the group look even more stronger than what they do. Basically, it’s like setting up a David and Goliath story.

With that being said, that is likely why Mason Ryan would be the man for the job if Roman Reigns does break out. Mason would come on the scene as not only the muscle, but maybe to even freshen up The Shield. I personally hope this isn’t the case. Mason Ryan comes off as boring and unappealing. He doesn’t do anything that separates him from any other big man. But apart from his yawning effect, Mason actually does have something he can really offer. That would be more intensity than what Roman Reigns has. Whenever the man from Wales hits someone, he hits them full on. Roman Reigns seems to be more protective in the ring, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If anything, people need to be more like that.

But, Roman Reigns may need to split from The Shield. Outside of having some slight turmoil with them, Reigns is that “Complete Package” that WWE tends to look for. His overall look even separates him from a lot of people. Put him in a room with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, or any other indy-riffic wrestler out there, and he (Obviously) stands out. But, put him in a room with Randy Orton, Ryback, or even John Cena himself and he stands out far more than what any one of those guys do. But, the main question that WWE would have to ask themselves is, what do we do with him?

I think that if you were to keep him Heel, you’d have to pair him with Heyman. I know, I’ve been on a Heyman kick as of late. But back when I did the Heyman article, I wasn’t under any assumption that Reigns would be separated. But now, if you give Reigns a partner who can talk, I think that would really propel him far. Even if it’s not Heyman, go after Mick Foley. It’s an odd pairing, to say the least. The last time we even seen a Heel Foley was (I believe) back in 2006 when ECW formed again, and he aligned himself with Edge, as opposed to ECW. But, give him that talker that he needs and I think that the rest will do wonders for him.

If you decided to change him as a Face? Well…That’s going to be hard. The obvious thing to do would be to have him turn on The Shield, but that seems to obvious to me. It doesn’t come off as appealing whatsoever. In fact, it actually comes off as…A dud. Turning someone Heel, or even Face shouldn’t be obvious like that. When doing so, you risk their run as coming off as a dud. But, Having The Shield come down, and introducing Mason Ryan as the new member unbeknownst to Roman would be good. Have Ambrose say that because of their sudden losing streak, they pin it all on Reigns. Have Mason beat the crap outta’ him, but the next week have Roman get the best, and set up a match; Either a 6 Man Tag Match of some kind, or a simple 1 on 1 with Mason and Roman. Who knows?

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