Tamina should not be a bodyguard; Where has the direction went for 2nd Generational Diva?


Where has justice been for the second generation diva?

In the year of 2015, WWE Creative has aligned Tamina Snuka with her cousin-in-law, WWE Diva Naomi, since her return from injury on the May 4th edition of Raw. Tamina Snuka’s role returning to the WWE is Naomi’s bodyguard. I really do not know why WWE Creative seems to repeat themselves when it comes to the direction for Tamina’s character.


Confused? Let me refresh your memory. In late September 2013, Tamina Snuka returned to WWE programming from injury to align herself with former WWE Divas Champion, AJ Lee as her bodyguard. This was short-lived however, as after the events of the 2014 Elimination Chamber PPV, along with tension with their relationship as a unit led to Tamina’s departure as a bodyguard to AJ Lee.

With WWE Creative going in the same direction with making a strong, athletically gifted, and second generational diva a bodyguard to a WWE Diva that has unsuccessfully captured the championship, let alone not fully solidifying her credibility as a threat to the division, clouds not only the division as a whole, but makes Tamina poorly booked and utilized by WWE.

Even despite the injuries that this Diva has sustained in recent years, Tamina’s appearance, strength, athleticism, and dedication despite her direction (thanks to WWE creative), should make WWE creative re-look into the dynamics of her role as a bodyguard, always looking out for other WWE Divas. Tamina, in my opinion, should be more than a bodyguard. Tamina should be the top diva in the WWE.

Tamina has the strength, the athleticism, the look, the mic skills, and even the opposite of the modern day sex appeal that WWE tries to promote with the Bella Twins, Naomi’s butt, and WWE Creative using other under-utilized divas as eye-candy (Lana).

I believe that with any unit in the WWE, it always comes to an end. This should include the faction of Tamina being a bodyguard to Naomi.

WWE Creative, it is time to rejuvenate and stop clouding the Divas Division, and give Tamina the proper push she needs and give her the championship to strengthen and give credibility to an already weak Divas Division.

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