​Tanner Says He Was Very Surprised By His WWE Tough Enough Elimination, Thanks Daniel Bryan & More


Tanner Saraceno spoke with the Sporting News about his elimination from Tough Enough last night. Check out the highlights:

On if he was surprised that Daniel Bryan didn’t save him: “A little bit. Actually, a lot of bit. I was really thinking he was going to use it for the sake of making sure the right person goes into the finals in my eyes. It was shocking when he didn’t use it. Maybe there’s something crazy planned for the finals. You never know with this show. I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.”

On Daniel Bryan speaking positively about him: “It definitely makes me feel better about the situation I’m in. He compared myself to him which is an honor in itself. For someone at his level for what he’s done in his career and his life, to give me those compliments let’s me know that I do have the ability and I do get the respect that I can do this for a living and be very successful at it as well. It’s definitely humbling and great to hear those words from him. Me and him were basically feeling the same way. We had the same frustrations and we were on the same page.”

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