Ten Superstars Got Fired


Aksana, Brodus Clay, Drew McIntyre, Evan Bourne, Curt Hawkins, Jinder Mahal, Yoshi Tatsu, Theodore
Long, JTG and Camacho were sacked on Wednesday by WWE. It was a shock for the
wwe universe was not expected that on a single day, ten talents would be fired.
My first regret is Teddy long. His persona on TV was special and beneficial for
Smackdown for years. As general manager he was a man with power and a
gentleman. We understand that the company wants a change in the debut of a new
era since 2012 in WWE. I am sad about his release from the company. Actually he
was the best General Manager of Smackdown branch’s ever since was created. His
career as referee also was great but each good story had come to an end.

Brodus clay never
improves his role playing and developed it in a better way. The “funks”
story-line had a good start but a bad end on Raw. Drew McIntyre and Jinder
Mahal became famous a few weeks ago as tag team partners in 3MB, but their performances
in the ring were not as expected.


Young Japan superstars
Yoshi Tatsu, have many opportunities in the past on Raw and live events. The
fans know that a Middle- class superstar train at NXT performance and done good
job on the show to prove if he is worthy or not. My feeling was good when I saw
Yoshi Tatsu did a lot on NXT these few months ago, but when the match ended I did
not saw the enthusiasm in his performance.

JTG miss his crime
time glory in WWE. This man never improves his persona in the company. I have
nothing against him but I think that some talents do not deserve second chance.

Curt Hawkins and
Camacho have supporters in the NXT arena. Even last month proves that he became
a huge aspect of NXT that explored. The two was too slow to develop a character
that best for business.

People were happy to
see to him but when he got a broken leg injury his career was done. WWE planned
a good career for Evan Bourne. An injury put his career in trouble push him to
the Exit door to the Indy events.

Aksana beautiful diva
who I think made a huge mistake on her persona. First her hair was pretty in
blond in 2012 then she try to save the brunette style that is actually a bad
chose. Second her gear was not attracted. Sometime she appears as big divas in
fact she is slim divas. A thing I cannot deny, that this lady is performer in
the ring.

Someone has written on
the website that the WWE made the spring cleaning and release more talents
soon. This period of the year the WWE is on clean mood those who are not worthy
got sacked I know this word is hard but real for the talents.

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