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Tessa Blanchard: The Future of WWE’s Women’s Division?


With women’s wrestling reaching new heights across the board and in all companies, there are those that are rising to the top of their respective rosters. Tessa Blanchard is certainly one of those epic talents. That said, we wonder just what the future holds for Tessa Blanchard.

With roots dug deep in the annals of wrestling history, does this powerhouse have what it takes to be WWE bound? Believe it or not, she spent some time in WWE (although briefly), and I’ll get into it below.

I’ll also take a look at her past and her possible future in this piece, analysing her chances of getting a proper shot at wrestling amongst the titans in the sport.

But even before I begin, I can say that it definitely looks good, despite naysayers.

Tessa Blanchard…third generation wrestler

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Her father is Tully Blanchard, a member of The Four Horsemen faction and current AEW on-screen manager. Her stepfather is Magnum TA, a huge NWA star from back in the day, who was certainly on the rise until his career was cut short by a now infamous automobile accident. Joe Blanchard was her grandfather, a former football player and wrestler in his own day.

She’s even married to a wrestler: Daga (Miguel Olivo).

Now how’s that for third generation? I’d say those roots are surely digging deep beneath the foundation of the wrestling business, nestling Tessa’s future quite securely moving forward. Maybe even in WWE!?

Tessa Blanchard’s brief stint in WWE

She did spend some time in WWE, but if you blinked, you missed her. She had four matches of note, all ending in defeat…specifically on NXT. Her losses were to: Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax and Carmella. She was also eliminated in the Mae Young classic that she participated in, and during the first round.

A former Impact Knockouts Champion, she’s currently signed with WOW (Women of Wrestling), and Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide.

Tessa Blanchard’s astronomical accolades

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Tessa Blanchard is 25 years old and has accomplished a whole heck of a lot including, a title run as Impact World Champion…a feat she accomplished by defeating Sami Callihan at Hard To Kill in January of 2020! She became the first-ever female to win that title.

And leading up to that match, quite a few firsts were accomplished by this woman. She was the first woman to headline a pay-per-view main event (something she did a few times on her way to winning the title). She also competed in an X-Division championship ladder match, and on an episode of impact, she even competed in a gauntlet match with Daga, Moose, Brian Cage, Rich Swann and Michael Elgin.

And although a few defeats were dealt to her, she won the ultimate prize by January of 2020, becoming the first-ever woman to do so and at the young age of 24.

Now how about that for accolades?

So many other things have been accomplished by Tessa Blanchard and at the many companies and territories she’s worked for since her pro career started when she was 19.


Tessa controversies
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Despite her accomplishments, there are definitely quite a few naysayers out there. Unfortunately, after all of her successes, 2020 didn’t finish as well as it started, making Tessa’s future look quite bleak indeed.

Impact terminated her contract apparently after both sides couldn’t agree to specific terms for her contract. But, as the rumor mill is forever running rampant, there are those that have said that she was fired because of bullying and other issues of a political sort. Even damaging claims of racism on her part.

She had been in line to defend her title at an upcoming event, but was fired and stripped of her title…something she had worked so hard for.

To the allegations, she Tweeted the following statement:

“Over the last week I have been accused of calling a fellow wrestler a racial slur. To read this allegation has been personally upsetting. To be clear, I absolutely did not use that word. That word is not in my vocabulary. That word is not in my heart. Racism is not in my heart. Yet I know many people have to deal with racism in a way I will never have to. Racism is an awful part of American history, and it is equally awful that its still part of our society today. While I did not do what was claimed, I stand ready to use my platform to support the fight against racism however I can.”

Of course there will forever be those unsettled by the allegations alone, but others feel as though the statements are not of a true nature and that she handled herself well in light of them, and this shouldn’t hurt her career in the long run.

WWE has certainly forgiven such transgressions in the past, so an “alleged” one such as this shouldn’t stop them from signing her.

If it turns out to be proven true, different story of course.

WWE on the look-out for rising stars

Despite an incredible list of talent let go by WWE at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, they have certainly been buying up quite a wee bit of talent in recent weeks, or rather been on the lookout for.

And yes, they’ve also fired a few individuals too, but that’s WWE. In recent years they’ve been pretty wishy-washy, dare I say it, giving some talent loads of chances and some, very little time to adjust and/or prove themselves.

But that’s certainly the way of WWE. It’s certainly normal that things move a tad faster as it is the grandest stage of them all for now.

My question is, though: Do they once again have their eyes on one Tessa Blanchard? And if so, will she be given the time she needs to adjust and shine amongst the ranks in WWE?

The WWE Women’s roster as compared to other companies

shayna in action
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With epic talent like Bayley, Alexa Bliss, Shayna Baszler, Charlotte Flair, Ember Moon, Shotzi Blackheart…I can probably keep going here, really, but I’ll stop now, apologising that I didn’t mention all of the epic female talent present at WWE.

But my point is Tessa Blanchard will definitely have her hands full amongst these women and epic athletes. That’s a fact. But, considering where she’s been and what she’s accomplished, I’d say she more than proven herself over the last few years and is ready for a spot.

The shot she did get in WWE probably wasn’t the right moment. Perhaps she hadn’t accomplished all she was destined to outside of WWE, and as I mentioned, she sure has accomplished a lot and even furthered the women’s division in wrestling overall, across the board and in all territories/companies. Let’s face it: history was definitely made when she hoisted that title above her head.

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