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Tessa Blanchard: The Future of WWE’s Women’s Division?


And yes, there were those that felt it was a travesty to have the title won by a woman, but it was an historic accomplishment regardless and she deserves her props, whether it went off well globally or not. It might not ever happen again, no, but at least she did it.

So after all she has done, maybe now is the time.

Now, what I do hope is that she gets a shot at major TV…meaning Raw and Smackdown. I’m not saying she shouldn’t start at NXT, because I guess she has to. Even Samoa Joe started out there when he made the move to WWE from Impact and ROH and essentially a storybook wrestling career.

The question is: Do I think Tessa is more of an AJ Styles, who was granted superstar status right from the get-go upon entering the company? I mean ROH, TNA/Impact, New Japan, and the list goes on when looking at his past. If you look at Tessa’s career, the parallels are certainly astounding. Will her future in WWE be as similar?


Perhaps not.

I think that in the end, she needs to be put through the grinder, so to speak, and yes at NXT, because there’s a lot for anyone to prove over there, as the talent bar has certainly been raised in recent years. But the clincher is, I don’t want her to be buried there, as so many wrestlers are, never getting the chance to make the move to Raw and/or Smackdown.

I think we can all agree that Tessa does not belong in that position.

Why she’d be a perfect fit

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Athletic, cultured, educated in the ways of technical mat wresting as well as having a high-flying arsenal to rival the best high-flyers in the business, conviction on the microphone, dedication, and we’ll put this last, because it’s least important…as gorgeous as the day is long.

She most definitely fits into the crowd of aforementioned women on the WWE roster and in every way.

The women’s division in WWE is a high standard of wrestling and showmanship for sure, but I see Tessa having little or no trouble acclimating herself to the style and work ethic present amongst the ranks of able-bodied performers in that landscape.

Honorable mentions

Deonna Purrazzo…

She was actually trained by WWE, at the performance center and they let her slip through their fingers. She most definitely needs another shot, but a good one this time.

Thunder Rosa…

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At 34, this woman and tremendous force has not yet passed through WWE like the aforementioned two, and if that’s not a tragedy worth of Shakespeare, I don’t know what is.

With an MMA background, she has wrestled at ROH, Lucha Underground, WOW, Tokyo Joshi Pro, NWA and AEW (where she currently wrestles).

Her in-ring talent and conviction are unparalleled, making her a definite force and her presence is at par with the top in the business. I definitely see her going toe-to-toe with the likes of Charlotte Flair and even Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey, should the latter two return.

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