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In the up and coming weeks, I am going to run a segment called yesterday’s Factions in the Present. The purpose behind this is to take some of the great groups of all time and try to recreate them using the wrestlers of today…I thought this would be a fun idea to see who could be as good or even better if they were recreated from a faction of that era.


The first group I would like to profile is the Nation of Domination…The idea of this group was actually attempted first in the USWA. However, the group never actually gained any traction until it was recreated in the WWE when wrestler Faarooq was joined by manager Clarence Mason and two unnamed actors, Albert Armstrong and William Beach, who were supposed to represent other members of the Nation. As the group became relevant, many other wrestlers like, D’Lo Brown, Savio Vega, Ahmed Johnson and Mark Henry, decided to join the Nation. Obviously, this group was based on racism, whereas today I think it would be based more on dominance.

This group was a good gimmick and worked very well together. Over time it developed many WWE superstars, leading the way for an interesting future. Therefore, when I look at today’s roster, there are some obvious wrestlers I would add to this recreation, trying to make it as interesting as possible. As you can see, the WWE has started to bring back some factions and it would be interesting how the nation could be included into the current storyline. Remember, the wrestler has to be an active member of the roster and doesn’t have to be full time.

Leader: The Rock

Yes, the Brahma Bull makes his return to be the Leader of the Nation. I understand the Rock is on a short schedule and only comes back for superstar storylines, but what if he came back to get the nation started. The Rock was an original member and knows exactly what to do, in order to make the group relevant. His charismatic views, uncanny promos, and exuberant attitude, would all be the energy needed to drive this group to success.

Enforcer: Mark Henry

Mark is an original member and exactly what the group needs to build fear among its opponents. The world’s strongest man has been around a long time, but definitely has enough left in the tank to take on this role. He would basically an overshadowing type, only using physical contact when necessary. At this point in his career, it wouldn’t be a good idea for him to be involved in the physical constraints of a WWE ring. In my opinion, this could be the perfect role for him to prolong his wrestling career.

Lead Horse: Big E Langston

Big E would be the centerpiece of the faction, making it a force to be wrecking with in all phases of the game. He has come a long way with his in ring performance, which is evident by his recent push as I.C. Champ. I could see Langston pushing the other talents to be better, along with making himself more prominent in the process. The Authority has Randy Orton and the Nation will have Big E.

Mid Card Extraordinaire: R Truth

Every group needs a wrestler who can headline the mid-card events, while being charismatic and interesting along the way. This is the role I envision R Truth taking a hold off and running with it. During his WWE career, he has been pushed as high as possible, but seems to really excel when he is able to be unique without pushing to be the main man. Therefore, with his decent promo skills and ability to keep the crowd interested, he would be able to lead the Nation to the tops of the trending (Twitter) world.

I could see many situations, like battling the sadistic views of the Wyatt Family or even battling the

Shield for total dominance, in which the Nation would be relevant. I also understand that Roman Reigns looks like he is ready for a bug push within the company. Therefore, what if the Nation had an ongoing beef with the Shield and Roman eventually decided to turn face and become a new member? This could then lead to the destruction of the Shield, leaving the Authority without any protection. Who would then be hired by Triple H and Stephanie to protect the throne?

Obviously, this is all speculation and a matter of personal opinion. I just thought it would be interesting to look at some of the prior factions and add some relevance on today’s storylines. The Nation of Domination, I thought, was an intriguing group that produced many future stars for the WWE. Therefore, if it was recreated as a group form today, I think it has the possibility to be successful once again!

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