The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Or Should It Be?


was the battle royal successful?

The battle royal was won by a upcoming star which as we have seen this week has given him a ego boost as well as a new manager and a more prominent role on the roster.

We also saw brilliant spots through out the match such as the Kofi Kingston’s survival tactic, the giant swing, the Dolph Ziggler elimination and the strength of Cesaro scoop slamming The Big Show out of the ring.

Now for the negatives of the match, most of the match was complete chaos with superstars being eliminated with ease such as Yoshi Tatsu, the match also made certain talents like Mark Henry and The brotherhood look like jobbers.

Do you think the new annual event at Wrestlemania will be a success overall each year in and out? 

My idea was for the battle royal each year be dedicated to a WWE Legend so every superstar who wins will win a Name as well as a year.

Example: 2015:Ultimate Warrior  2016:Randy Savage  2017:Mr Perfect  2018: Dusty Rhodes

What do you think of my ideas, comment and tell me your opinions.

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