The Animal Back On RAW


Well, another WWE pay per view is in the books and more opinions will be generated because of the outcome. For weeks now, we have been listening to WWE officials and wrestlers alike, calling this match as an Era changer and match that changes the face of the WWE. There were many of twists that could of happened or still will, but nothing imminent as Randy Orton was proclaimed the NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It was a match of brutal intensity between two (2) wrestlers, who both wanted to be crowned the new champion.


Did this match live up to expectations? I think there may be many opinions that will cover both sides of the spectrum, but I don’t think you can honestly say that either of them didn’t leave all they had in that ring. In my opinion, it lacked the ending that most people were clamoring for and trying to guess at all week, but overall was a very good match. Theoretically, this was the perfect lead up to the aftermath on tonight’s RAW. I think they led us all in with that fantastic ending last week in an effort to hype up the pay per view. Now, TLC is over and they leave us wondering and waiting for tonight’s RAW, which equals more viewership and more ratings. Obviously, this is only my opinion, but I think it makes perfect sense.

All of this leads me to believe there will be some new and intriguing angle for tonight’s show that will lead us into the Royal Rumble. Over the last couple of years there have been many surprises that have taken place on the following nights RAW after a pay per view, led by the exciting return of Brock Lesnar. What if this year’s surprise is another wrestling animal, a man named Batista. This would be the perfect opportunity to bring the Animal back and make him a relevant piece to the show. It could play into all of the promos surrounding Triple H being a great champion and Randy Orton being beneath him once again. Back in 2004, the message from Triple H was clear, “You’re not Ready.” If you fast forward 9 years the message will read, “You’re still not Ready.” All of the build up around the Face of the WWE can be portrayed as a trial period to see if Randy Orton was ready to lead the company into 2014.

Therefore, Triple H will determine that he’s not quite ready and decides to go in another direction to get the job done. After the look of disgust is shown on the Viper’s face, the Animal’s music hits and the arena goes electric. Batista makes his way to the ring and is introduced as a move being made in the mold of being what is “Best for Business.” He will be labeled as Randy Orton’s opponent at the Royal Rumble so he can win the Title and have a little run up into Wrestlemania XXX, just like the Rock did not so long ago.

I think this is the perfect scenario leading us up to all the rumors of a Wrestlemania Tag Team match involving John Cena and Hulk Hogan. Cena would not be able to be involved in such a spectacle if he were to be either champion or a contender. Deciding to leave the belt in Randy Orton’s hands and bringing Batista back gives Cena a little time to get back to a legitimate 100% (maybe he came back a little early). It would be ironic if for along people were calling for a Cena heel turn and instead it is a Randy Orton baby face turn, leaving the 2 of them to battle with the New Look Authority. Obviously this is only my opinion, but I do think it would be a decent storyline to keep people interested.

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