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The Wrestling Antagonist. Episode 3

Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatt family…cause he’s got a beard

Well I’m gonna apologize in advance if you happen to read this before I’ve had time to reread and edit it because my head is spinning from this right now and I’m basically ranting through my fingers. With that said let’s get this party started.

So for those of you who missed RAW Monday night, Daniel Bryan was “abducted” following his match with CM Punk against The Wyatts. WWE.Com reported after the show that he had been thrown in the trunk of a car and drove off. Then yesterday reports began surfacing around the web that WWE may be turning Daniel Bryan heel and bringing the beard in as the newest Wyatt. Ok first of all I’m going address the positive here, because in a few moments I’m going to spew negativity down this page until my fingers bleed.

The positive, WWE is FINALLY doing something creative with the Wyatt gimmick. Since they debuted I’ve said pretty much the same thing, “Bray Wyatt’s entertaining, wish he’d wrestle at some point, don’t know who these other two are, please do something other than team up on a guy and pose down over him for 3 minutes.” I feel like I’ve always been harsh on three man factions in WWE because I grew up watching one of the coolest and most entertaining trios ever in wrestling in my opinion, The Brood. I would invite you to watch some old Brood footage, it will show you exactly how far the product has truly regressed since the attitude era. However I guess they have “a thing” now so it’s a start… I guess.

Now that that’s out of the way let’s focus on the big picture. If WWE chooses to actually go through with this and turn Bryan heel despite the fact people chant his name all show every night, than you are truly telling me you don’t give a shit what the fans want. Bryan rose to popularity suddenly and unexpectedly. It was exactly what WWE needed, a wrestler to capture the spotlight without them pushing them into it. Once they had that they could have pushed him and built on it to make him huge, but instead they tried to kill it by making him chant no when the fans chanted yes. So what did the fans do? They chanted no as well. Then they had him grow a beard and act like an asshole on TV every night in ridiculously scripted promos with psychiatrists and so on. Despite that attempt to bury him, fans just embraced the beard. So finally WWE gave in and he was given a title shot with John Cena. Now personally I thought initially, this is it, they are gonna end it here. No one just beats Cena outright. We were about to actually see someone beat to a pulp inside 2 minutes at a PPV in the main event or do something to put this fire out, but then something happened, he won, but don’t get it twisted. He won because WWE was endorsing Total Divas and Cena was leaving for surgery.

What followed his championship win is possibly one of the most grotesque displays of power I’ve ever seen from the WWE creative team. His feud with Randy Orton and The Authority was an absolute joke and another attempt to expose Bryan as “weak” by the McMahons. We had to watch him get gang beat every night for weeks, it wasn’t even entertaining it was kind of irritating. Not to mention he never even really had a legit title reign through it all. Then he gets replaced by Big Show? How? Why? No one on earth thought Big Show ever had a chance in hell of walking out with that belt, he was just a stand in till Cena could finalize his Alberto Del Rio feud. So now we have Orton Vs. Cena at TLC? How many careers need to be buried to keep Cena in the spotlight?

So allow me to predict the future for you now. Bryan was forced out of the title picture by Cena and forced into this Wyatt feud and WWE is clearly not happy that people are still chanting his name while they are trying to promote their golden boy. So the Wyatts abduct him like they did Kane and have him return changed. So instead of yes and no chants, he’ll be told not to embrace the chants at all and essentially lobotomize him like the other members of the Wyatts so there’s nothing left to cheer for. And now Daniel Bryan is finally dead and they can go back to John Cena vs blank every PPV every month for the rest of your life.

I’m nothing more than a fan and as a fan I feel legitimately bad for guys on the WWE roster. Though I’m not a big fan of him, I look at guys like Kofi Kingston and I think to myself, you are never going anywhere with your career. Guys like that are gonna be held in midcard for their entire career simply because WWE refuses to evolve and if you’re not gonna give someone like Daniel Bryan a chance to succeed, wrestlers like that are stuck where they are for life.

My advice? Keep chanting, chant all night, don’t let up. It’s time for a changing of the guard, time to pass the torch, time to back the fuck off Cena. I think I speak for all WWE fans when I say, we’re about done with you taking money out of our pockets and never giving anything back. Quit stealing from us “Be a STAR”….

Here’s some Brood for ya…

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