The Big Lesnar Predicament


Ever since Roman Reigns was handpicked by WWE executives to be the guy to face Brock Lesnar and main event Wrestlemania 31, there has been
chaos within the WWE Universe. If you believe the rumours, Reigns will be the
one to beat the one who is the one in 21 and one, furthermore justifying his ‘Superman’
image. In reality though, I genuinely believe there is no wrestler who could
defeat the Beast in a clean one-on-one singles match, especially not after the
way Lesnar decimated John Cena last year. If ‘Big Match’ John can’t win, there
is no chance in hell that Reigns could even stand a chance.

This leaves the WWE with very few other options, because in
reality, until he decides he’s had enough of wrestling again, Brock Lesnar will
be champion forever more. Of course they could run some sort of interference.
Why not have the whole locker room come out to pin Lesnar down, he’s pissed and
leaves the company, then have a big battle royal for the title where someone
like Adam Rose wins the WHC?

For me, the WWE has missed the one golden opportunity they
had to allow Lesnar to defend the WHC, put in a heck of a performance as usual,
and lose the title in a perfectly clean manor. That match could only be….The
Elimination Chamber.

One ring, 6 men, 2 miles of chain, and just one survivor. If
scripted right it would have the potential to steal any show. The only issue
would be to only pick five other guys to take on Lesnar. Cena, Rollins, Reigns,
Ambrose, Bryan, Orton, Rusev, Wyatt, Ziggler, Rock…..the list could go on. Of
course, the removal of the Elimination Chamber PPV takes away the chance of
this match happening, instead replaced by a nothing PPV, which isn’t even a PPV
now on the WWE Network. Maybe WWE executives are intending on adding the EC to
the main event at WM, thus tampering with the main event for the second straight
year and also rendering the Royal Rumble a pointless match with no actual bonus
of being the winner.

Let’s say that the Elimination Chamber was added to WM……the
WWE would probably make Lesnar look like the dominant Beast that he is, let him
retain the title with a barrage of F5s and suplexes and make him look
invincible…..then bring back Goldberg and have the world’s longest Iron Man

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