The Bloodline: Jimmy Uso’s Illogical Turn On Jey Uso At SummerSlam


This is a continuation of the previous editorial of its kind on The Bloodline story, which you can find here: The Bloodline’s Tradition & Roman Reigns’ Shifting Tactics

The story began at Clash Of Champions 2020 when Jey Uso was forced to acknowledge Roman Reigns as his Tribal Chief. Jimmy Uso threw in the towel to end the match and acknowledged Reigns as his Tribal Chief. Jey continued to defy Reigns, leading to an “I Quit” Hell In A Cell match, where Jimmy came to Jey’s aid, but getting caught in a Guillotine Choke caused Jey to quit so he could save him.


Jey eventually joined The Bloodline, becoming “Main Event” Jey Uso under Reigns & Heyman’s guidance. Jimmy later returned and after much reluctance, was convinced to join The Bloodline as well. The Usos found more success than ever, especially when Sami Zayn joined as the “Honorary Uce”. However, it would lead to tensions within the group, because Jey didn’t trust him, but he accepted him after WarGames. This is when Sami Zayn planted seeds of doubt in Jey’s mind, because he could see Reigns’ abusive behavior

After The Bloodline’s brutal attack on Kevin Owens, Zayn turned on Reigns, and Jey backed out briefly, before returning to the stable. The Usos lost the tag team titles at WrestleMania, frustrating Reigns. He became paranoid, relying on Solo Sikoa and going after the tag titles with him. In a surprising twist, Jimmy turned on the Tribal Chief, leading to his expulsion from The Bloodline. The group tried to convince Jey to stay, with plans to train him as the next Tribal Chief. However, this wasn’t to be, because Jey Uso turned on The Bloodline to reunite with his twin brother.

Things escalated to a Bloodline Civil War, culminating in The Usos defeating Reigns & Sikoa at Money In The Bank. However, not long after, Jimmy got injured on the road to SummerSlam, leaving Jey to challenge Reigns for the title and status of Tribal Chief. Doubts were planted in Jimmy’s mind, especially after Paul Heyman suggested Jey’s motives were self-centered. Jimmy’s supposed jealousy of Jey’s success was hinted at in passing before he was written off of TV. At SummerSlam, the turn on his brother seemed illogical, because not only was it out of character from what WWE established before his injury, but also from a historical standpoint as well.

Jimmy, initially the most reluctant to join The Bloodline, was the first to leave. Many may be struggling to understand why he would hate his brother for fighting an enemy he wanted him to face. They may question if he had been ignored by Jey while injured.

To maintain the storyline’s integrity, WWE needs to provide a solid explanation for Jimmy’s actions. Perhaps he was saving Jey from following the dark path of Reigns and Heyman? Perhaps he cares more about saving his brother from the burdens that come with that, over his own continued success?

Wrestling storytelling can be unpredictable, and not every decision resonates with fans. While fans may have different opinions, they appreciate well-developed and coherent narratives that respect character histories and motivations.

In conclusion, WWE has an opportunity to address fan feedback and strengthen The Bloodline story by providing a compelling explanation for Jimmy Uso’s actions. This will allow the narrative to progress without sacrificing logical consistency. Thank you for taking the time to read this analysis. Please enjoy the rest of your Summer.

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