The Bloodline’s Tradition & Roman Reigns’ Shifting Tactics


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The Bloodline’s Tradition


For those who may have missed the significance of the “Rules Of Engagement” segment, let me explain. On WWE SmackDown, Jey Uso tore up the contract to challenge Roman Reigns to “Tribal Combat,” a tradition passed down by the Anoa’i family to determine the next Tribal Chief.

As a result, the upcoming match at SummerSlam will take place under The Bloodline’s rules. Roman and Jey showed their respect for tradition by shaking hands and reaching an understanding. Yet, from Roman Reigns’ perspective, what followed was unexpected – Solo Sikoa decided to attack Jey Uso. His Samoan Spike attempt was promptly halted by Roman & Jey because it disrespected the sanctity of Tribal Combat.

Perhaps Solo wasn’t fully aware of the intricacies of this tradition. In normal circumstances, Reigns might have encouraged Sikoa’s attack on Jey. However, with Tribal Combat underway, such actions must be observed with respect. Sikoa’s interference can be likened to a young lion getting in the midst of two alpha lions battling for dominance within their pride – you just don’t intervene.

The Bloodline
Why did Roman Reigns stop Solo Sikoa?

Roman Reigns’ Shifting Tactics

In my earlier analysis, I mistakenly interpreted Roman Reigns’ actions to imply that Solo Sikoa had broken family tradition. However, the subsequent events on the latest episode of WWE SmackDown revealed otherwise – The Bloodline’s subsequent attack on Jey disproved my initial assumption.

What leaves me disheartened is not my misinterpretation, but rather the missed opportunity in the build-up to SummerSlam. I had hoped they would follow a “no contact” direction. Instead, the familiar numbers game came into play, as it has been a trademark of The Bloodline since its inception. The lack of a clear explanation for Reigns stopping Sikoa’s Samoan Spike left me puzzled.

Nonetheless, this week’s episode did unveil something intriguing. If Roman Reigns isn’t scared of Jey Uso, he is certainly concerned. Normally, he would have dispatched Solo Sikoa or The Usos to handle his opponent. Now, he has taken it upon himself to do the dirty work. This change in approach is noteworthy and signifies a shift in Reigns’ usual tactics.

While it is likely that Roman Reigns will emerge victorious at SummerSlam, he is subtly putting Jey Uso over as a serious threat. Even in defeat, this gesture bolsters Uso’s future and demonstrates the significance of treating him with utmost seriousness.

In conclusion, The Bloodline’s tradition of Tribal Combat adds an intriguing layer to their ongoing rivalry. It underscores the deep-rooted respect and power dynamics within the Anoa’i family. Roman Reigns’ shifting tactics and personal involvement in handling Jey Uso illustrate that this feud goes beyond mere dominance; it is about safeguarding family honor and legacy. As SummerSlam approaches, wrestling enthusiasts worldwide await the outcome of this clash within WWE’s captivating Bloodline story with heightened anticipation. Thanks for reading.

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