​The Brass Ring: Who Should Reach For the ring of fame, fortunate, and well everything!


The Brass Ring: Who Should Reach For the ring of fame, fortunate, and well everything!

Good day to all. Vince McMahon said that all superstars should reach for the brass ring, by reaching I guess McMahon was kidding because no one and I mean no one that the IWC and the Universe wants pushed is pushed. This blog, today will be predicated on those whom I believe should reach for that illustrious brass ring, the ring Hogan reached for in 1984, Stone Cold in 1996, and John Cena in 2005.


Zack Ryder:

If you follow up on my blogs, I like throwing swerve balls. Honestly, in my opinion Ryder could be a benefit to the WWE. Let’s face it, wrestling is not wrestling. Most of Monday Night Raw is predicated on hyping up a PPV, which is purchased on the WWE Network for $9.99. Ryder, on the hand could be a social ambassador to the WWE, like Hulk Hogan whom is too old to wrestle is an ambassador to Japan. Ryder is doing nothing noteworthy except job it to the likes of Kevin Owens on Raw, and his whole gimmick which is getting so old, Jersey Shore ended like five years ago could revolve around, promoting WWE. For god sakes, make him a WWE ambassador on twitter and other social media outlets. What about bringing back the Internet Championship and give jobbers like Heath Slater something to fight over. Why not instead of making WWE Main Event, a show based on highlights of Raw, a show to show the skills of these so called jobbers and Zack Ryder and his Internet Championship can be he focal point of discussion.


The Swiss Superman himself. A man that shows the traditional values of “wrestling” which were lost in the mist several years ago. Cesaro psyche/attitude is something that Vince loves and Cesaro body builds for crying out loud. I don’t know what is holding back the Swiss Superman, what makes him tick inside to say “Why aren’t I getting pushed.” As someone noted on my other blog entries, Cesaro could hang with the best of them, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena. At Wrestlemania 30, he lifted Big Show like it was nothing and still no push. With Tyson Kidd gone for the next 14 months, why doesn’t Cesaro instead of jobbing to Luke Harper, get a decent push for the Intercontinental championship. I am not a Cesaro mark as I alluded to before, but with the lack of direction in this business, one needs to beg the question of what it takes!

Tyson Kidd:

Yes, Tyson Kidd is small. Yes Tyson Kidd is injury prone and yes Tyson Kidd can’t break the mold outside a tag team. It might seem like a joke to push the 5’9 175 pound Kidd because he doesn’t fit the mold of a typical WWE superstar, but like Cesaro he possesses wrestling skills. Kidd was the last graduate in the Hart Dungeon and to get it through everyone head he has wrestling skills. Although he doesn’t have mic skills to let’s say someone like The Rock, he is quick to in the ring and he can perform when the moment arises. He put on a caning five star match up with a broken down Mysterio in 2009. What’s holding back Kidd is that he is injury prone like Christian, but Christian after struggling for the last fifteen years in the business, got two WHC title reigns.

Kofi Kingston:

I would be battered down with the IWC Bat if I didn’t mention the “Mid card King.” Kofi Kingston on many different occasions for the last several years, has held mid card titles. Kingston teamed with C.M Punk to win the Tag Team straps back in 2008, and even feuded with Randy Orton back in 2009. While feuding with Orton, someone could pled the case that Kingston best ring work was shown and this was to prove that he was ready, ready to push for a main event push. Unfortunately, so many opportunities have went by for Kingston because the ‘E doesn’t want to push him. Kingston was ready for a push at this years MITB but it wasn’t a fitting setting apparently for the WWE. He has have everything for a boring stable named the “New Day” and he has made it entertaining to watch. Kofi is exempt to danger because he knows to avoid it and his areal stunts in the Royal Rumble are amazing. Out of all these entries with the exemption of Cesaro, Kingston is long overdue for a push and shows as he takes a bullet for the company. He does press work for the company that doesn’t push him and he remains humble. Being a humble superstar is a rare occurrence in the WWE and Kofi shows it!

Big E.

Big E. is the counterpart and tag team partner to the aforementioned Kingston. His movement contains octane powerhouse moves which could destroy a bulldozer. Yes, the WWE could find a lot, I mean a lot of Big E in the world but the WWE could captive know. The superstar exemplifies fun, which is no occurring in the E. Mixed with fun, he has a powerful move set, and I believe giving the right time could pull on a hell of a match given the right powerhouse opposite. For Big E. I don’t have much to say because he is comparable to Titus O’ Neil.

Titus O’ Neil

Titus O’ Neil was awarded the “Father of the Year” award. Although and he should get rid of his current gimmick, he could explode as a singles competitor. If given the right time, Neil is guarantee a singles championship run. Unfortunately for Neil, I don’t see him fitting in the main event scene, but it’s good to test the waters for a mid card run.

Alex Riley:

When will this young man have his moment in the sun. I’m fine with Riley competing, he’s completing his aspirations of wrestling. I am not fine with Riley not getting a job on he main show and I now about his alleged problems with John Cena, but Riley needs to showcase those skills. He has a diverse move set, when I watch NXT. His mic skills are simplistic, but he is a typical case of a person who could wrestle and doesn’t need mic skills, such as Brock Lesnar.

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