​The Brass Ring: Who Should Reach For the ring of fame, fortunate, and well everything!


Dolph Ziggler:

It’s about DAMN TIME that I put Ziggler in this discussion. Ziggler survived the worst of gimmicks but still has hung in there for he past decade. As a whole, I respect Ziggler ethic for loving this business, and him selling moves show that so much. With Ziggler, he deliver a the whole package in my opinion, and his mic skills have definitely improved from the past ten years.

Miss Swings/Foul Balls

Shelton Benjamin:

Benjamin was the whole package except the mic skills, lol. Anyways Benjamin brought that intensity to the ring every single time he wrestled and that’s what I found interesting about his character. From the mommas boy to the gold standard, Benjamin found a way to deliver. He put on an excellent match with M.V.P in 2010 and delivered in every MITB, ESPECIALLY Wrestlemania 21 & 24!!!

Johnny Nitro:

Yes, ladies and jets I put Johnny Nitro over John Morrison. With his cocky attitude and valet Melina by his side, Nitro was on fire. He exemplified his cockiness and even made stale Joey Mercury look better. He owns a victory over the Hardy’s, Batista, and etc. His push was never there, unfortunately!!

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