The Curious Case of Emma


I absolutely adore Emma. That being said I do NOT adore the way the WWE has been using her since her debut on the main roster. Emma was seemingly on her way to becoming a top contender in the Diva’s divison when controversy struck. Ever since then, she has been regulated to Main Event and Superstars with occasional appearances on RAW and Smackdown as a support character.

As one of the most talented women on the roster on the mic and in the ring, Emma should be enjoying the spoils of her hardwork with title reigns and quality matches. Instead we are seeing a revolving number of matches where she is used as a jobber to put over someone else.


I fully believe that Emma has done everything she can to reinvent herself for the WWE. Her new ring attire is gorgeous and unique and her level of physical fitness has changed dramatically. We’ve been getting snips of a newer, more aggressive Emma lately, and I hope they continue with that, though I don’t want to see her as a permanent heel.

Emma is one of my picks to be a part of the first WWE Diva’s Tag Team Champions. With the active roster gaining more and more women capable of putting on quality matches, I believe it is time for the WWE to debut a new title for the women and cannot think of a better one than Tag Titles. It would also be an excellent way to showcase the women without having them solely in the Diva’s title hunt. I would love to see them book a tournament to debut the new titles where we would see Paige and Emma picking up the inaugural win.

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Emma vs Paige NXT Women’s Championship

Theoretical Tag Partners for Emma:

Eva Marie

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