The Curious Tale OF Impact : Total Non Stop Action!


(Before I begin I would ask anyone to please not be too harsh as i am a long time wrestling fan and also a long time e wrestling wrestling reader and  I enjoy your comments but as this is my first article ever my spelling etc mightn’t be good and this is only my personal opinion so here we go)

WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment in its full name has for donkey years kept alive the sport of wrestling and brought it to the forefront of the publics consciousness through branching into the entertainment world but it wasn’t always that easy for a company that has these days built up an unattainable monopoly that this year has even launch the first ever full wrestling network that brings them closer to “the universe” but what about their biggest current day national/international competitor  TNA (Total Nonstop Action)?,lets talk about this company that’s got an impossible job to topple the beast that is WWE

TNA is by all means a wrestling promotion that should not exist by this was founded by the Jarrett’s  when they clearly as everyone could see after the closures and subsequent buyouts of ECW and WCW that there was a billion dollar market available that had only one major promotion and with wrestling brains like the Jarrett’s behind this company there was a feeling that there was a genuine rival to dethrone the WWE.TNA put on its first show in 2002 and steadily grew there fan base with awesome shows and the spectacle that was the six sided ring (a much dividing issue among wrestling fans) that in my opinion revolutionised the business and set the company apart from the competition.

The x division which these days has taken a step back as the company are trying to big up the significance of the world heavyweight championship was and has been a quintessential cog in their show with death defying matches like the ultimate x match which is a match where an x is attached to four structures near the corners and the x division title is draped from the middle of the x and the wrestlers battle for it.nowadays the x division title is used as an option c (coined by Austin aries) as a stepping stone to a world title shot ala `money in the bank` which in my opinion absolutely denigrated the importance of the title as now they might as well come out with a briefcase around their waist

TNA had and to a lesser extent now have an awesome array of United States and international talents like ROH wrestlers like aj styles,christopher daniels(who in my opinion should have been world champion at some stage and its a travesty that he hasn’t been),and samoa joe.others also like jame`s storm,eric young,abyss,alex shelly,chris sabin,sabu,ron killings(who is currently in wwe as r truth),the great muta,raven,rhyno,awesome kong,kazarian,bobby roode,juventud guerrero,jerry lynn,the young bucks,jay lethal (best randy savage impression ever),low ki,daffney,terry funk,tommy dreamer among other wrestling personalities that came from other promotions which we will get to so stick around

People tend to blame TNA`s current predicament on the acquisition of the company by the carters who`s company panda energies acquired a majority stake in the company with the same view as the jarretts that there was a gap in the billion dollar industry and could be a money maker but unfortunately instead of hiring noteworthy wrestling writers and showrunners they hired eric biscoff along with the biggest waste of space that ever popped out of a womans vajayjay vince russo,a man that had been successful in WCW and WWE but for all the big moments he helped create he couldn’t build any form of story to piece these events together(remember that stupid samoa joe gets kid napped by ninjas story).

Russo along with biscoff might have been at least acceptable if you guessed it already `daddys little girl` Dixie carter hadnt made herself centre stage which to this time of writing is still happening.i mean personally she might be lovely but from a standpoint shes like a little girl at a beauty pageant who desperately tries to impress her parents and upon failing makes herself the centre of attention which is unfortunate because on screen she has all the personality of a decorative squash but anyway I digress.

In TNA`s quest to catch WWE they employed a directive of employing former WWE talents which to many of you is one of the more important reasons that they are called WWE lite on these forums.stars came over to the `other side` include jeff hardy(watch victory road 2011),the dudleys,kurt angle,rvd,cristian,xpac,kevin nash,scott hall and rob van dam among others to boost their ratings and public awareness so where as some like Christian cage,jeff hardy,the dudleys and kurt angle adapted and thrived in tna,others like scott hall,xpac,kevin nash and rvd came over and instead of being leading lights instead deteriorated until they left.out of those that deteriorated that most disappointed me was rvd,an absolute genius and original innovator who to this day in WWE is clearly as good as ever but in TNA it seemed it would suit him as he wouldn’t be shackled like he would be in a pg WWE but instead he seemed lethargic,only in it for the money and I have seen more effort in a corpse with rigamortis.same goes for nash,a 7 foot behemoth who was the original 5 moves of doom before cena but on size alone carried himself to the top of the wrestling world to be honest mostly through backstage politics like the douchebag Hogan(who is a cultural icon to be fair) but had an aura backstage that drew people to him and gave him influence,i mean he ended bill goldbergs streak with 5 moves! and all through politics.

So now that nash,rvd and co are gone from TNA its only fair to focus on the last big faction that the company had which was a sons of anarchy rip off clearly called aces and eights,a group of masked outlaws who terrorized the roster without anyone revealing their identity and it worked as the whole iwc was talking(good or bad) about it and then they had to ruin the storyline by removing the masks and over extending the story line to such an extent that they became a running joke and the only member who had any credentials after was bully ray or bubba to you WWE TNA bully transitioned from a legendary tag team into a formidable singles competitor but it wasn’t until aces and eight that he became in my opinion the greatest heel in the world at that time and afterwards when aces broke up he continued his path of destruction until a few months ago when creative had him turn face and now hes just boring.TNA needs to rectify this and turn him again quickly as from anyone that has met him personally will tell you he hasn’t got a likeable demeanour and it shows in his promo`s.

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