The Daily Wrestling Podcast – Episode 6 – Raw Review, Macho Man HOF and Summerslam to London.


Aatif Nawaz & Armaan Kirmani discuss yesterday’s episode of Monday Night Raw. This includes to huge announcement of the Macho Man Randy Savage being officially inducted in this year’s Hall of Fame ceremony. Also discussed is the ongoing booking mistakes with the former Shield trio of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

Both Aatif and Armaan are losing faith in Roman Reigns’ ability to become a top tier superstar in WWE and criticise his one diminutional nursery rhyme promo. Armaan is also critical of Reigns heel-ish mannerisms and podgy mid-riff.

Aatif is excited about the response Daniel Bryan drew on last night’s Raw, as well as his intense style and favourable promo. For Aatif, Daniel Bryan is clearly WWE’s most popular superstar and deserving to repeating his feat of winning the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania for a second year in a row.

Armaan finds the upside in the appalling booking of Dean Ambrose who loses another high profile match cleanly on Raw. His #RusevForTheRumble campaign is gaining more momentum.

Plus, Aatif & Armaan award the Dean Douglas Award and announce today’s Match of The Day.

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