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The Dark Order Needs a Major Star to Succeed in AEW


The Dark Order is one of those factions where there is potential, and then there is the reality.  With the tease of adding a new member to the stable that is referred to as the Exalted One, whomever is chosen will have to hit the jackpot.

A stable such as The Dark Order holds potential, but it has a missing puzzle piece.  A piece that will fit and give The Dark Order what it can be.  They even have their own website, which piques interest.  And while the presentation of the stable could use some cleaning up, what The Dark Order could really use is a major star..  The arrival of the Exalted One has to be just that.

Photo Credit: Lee South/AEW

The main person that The Dark Order is targeting is no other than Christopher Daniels.  Many remember him as The Fallen Angel, which automatically draws a connection to what could be in store for a new and improved Dark Order.  Dynamite has been focusing on the SCU member as of late, and fans could be seeing SCU fall apart before their eyes.

There also has been some sort of dissonance between Daniels and his SCU teammates in Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian.  Daniels was absent for much of the first AEW Tag Team Champions’ inaugural reign thanks to the ambush of Proud and Powerful.  Was last Fall the beginning of the end for the fan favorites?

Daniels and Kazarian have a near-decade long alliance that roots back to Impact Wrestling.  The team has established a history all of their own as they have teamed up all over the world.  The group also helped build All Elite Wrestling from the ground up.  As far as their storied history goes, is the saying of ‘what goes up, must come down’ apply here?

Of course there is effort and concentration to get The Dark Order over, so to speak.  And with them targeting someone such as Daniels, the move would be huge if the acquisition was successful.  One of the big problems with The Dark Order is that a good portion of fans don’t take them seriously.  If The Dark Order was able to attain Daniels, that automatically will draw ire as the chapter of SCU will come to a close for the time being.

To further speculation of The Dark Order and its future, there has been teasing of Matt Hardy possibly jumping to AEW to reveal himself as The Exalted One.  Again, the buzz from social media proves that there is some interest and potential of The Dark Order.

The Dark Order can succeed; it just needs the right piece of that puzzle.  That piece should help evolve The Dark Order in its entirety.  Whether it’s Daniels, Hardy, or perhaps another big star, don’t give up on Uno and his followers just yet.

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