The End Of The Road


Zack Ryder- Since his huge momentum come to a halt in early 2012 his just been jobbing to anyone and anything!

Santino Marella- His persona has become boring and stale and I believe he is no longer needed.

Christian- His had a Hall Of Fame worthy career but I think its time for the captain of charisma to hang up the boots.

David Otunga- Since day one David Otunga has had no real connection with the audience and each one of his gimmicks has put me asleep.

Jinder Mahal- He puts no real effort into his character and could easily be replaced!

Sin Cara- His fun to watch in the ring but he has no personality and has no reason to hang around.

Justin Gabriel- Brilliant in ring performer but with a new South African (Adam Rose) on the main roster he seems to be no longer needed

JTG- His still with the WWE? I know shocking!

Just making room for NXT talents so they are not brought up and misused on the main roster due to it being overpopulated.

Leave ideas, opinions and suggestions.

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