THE END OF THE STREAK: Did It Also End Stings Relevance In The Modern Era?


The streak is over. Now there has been a lot of talk for many years now of who would finally end the Undertakers iconic, unbroken record on the grandest stage of them all. And one name that always seems to come up was the Icon Sting. And yes, historically speaking it would actually make sense, regardless of any personal opinions on the subject (something that I have remarked upon earlier in my tenure as website correspondent which you can read by clicking here).

But the simple fact this bonafide dream match that would be The Undertaker vs Sting did not come about on the 30th anniversary of Wrestlemania, no matter how badly the fans wanted it and voiced their opinion on it, proves everything that was mentioned in the previous piece.

This is one instant where Creative was not the issue, but rather a selfish, pretentious overrated hack who uses religion as a basis to treat his fans like crap, even though they are so blinded by this fact they seemingly believe every word he has ever said, especially when it comes to his refusal to sign with the WWE. Now, I would like to re-iterate, as was pointed out in the previous article, that I do in fact respect the legacy the man has created before the demise of WCW and back in the days of the NWA, but that was two decades ago now. Let us look at some facts….

The description gets thrown around a lot nowadays, but this is the one ultimate fantasy dream match that could have (and should have) taken place and would have had a lot of success. But as the years went by the time period for this historic match began fading fast, as both men were not getting any younger with both wrestlers approaching retirement age, the Undertaker especially with his various debilitating injuries.

But Sting has always maintained that even though the WWE has been trying to sign him for over a decade now, they could never negotiate a reasonable contract , plus the added notion that the travel that would be required of him is something that he does not particularly care for. At one point he even claimed that his religious beliefs prevented him from working with the WWE after the Katie Vick scandal back in 2002.

But wait, that was a long time ago now. Over a decade now. Things have changed a lot since those days, as obvious to any regular viewer. We are now in the PG era, marketed for children and promoting a very strong anti-bullying message via the Be A Star campaign along with it, so that reason should be nullified. And what about a part time contract? These are all the rage with Vince McMahon as of late. And it seems to suit the semi-retired wrestlers just fine. So how is Sting different to RVD or Y2J in that respect, or Brock Lesnar, or the Rock? Is he insinuating that he is above the Rock when it comes to status within the industry? Umm no, don’t think so.

Lets add to this the simple fact that any contract in relation to him will include a Hall of Fame spot and sorry to be the bearer of bad news (pun intended), but the only reasons that you could possibly come up with after taking all of these facts into account is that Sting’s decision not to sign up for all of this time is either pure selfishness and greed or that he was never offered a contract in the first place and that everything he has ever said in relation to him signing with the WWE from 2002 is a lie.

Something that has been clarified by the Stinger himself on several occasions that this type of behaviour does not adhere to his so called religious beliefs. Well, obviously those religious beliefs don’t extend to the treatment of his fans and his ignoring of their most basic desires and wishes for almost 15 years now.

But. as we approached the road to Wrestlemania 30, a lot of people were convinced that this was the year of the Stinger to finally join the WWE. The Sting camp, as has done for the past five or so years now (according to the dirt sheets and news reports), was in a position to sign a small three month
contract that would have seen him compete in his first ever Royal Rumble, possibly be part of the title match at the Elimination chamber, a main event spot with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30 (with the possibility of beating the Streak) and a guaranteed Hall of Fame induction come WM 31. Not to mention earn a phenomenal amount of money for very little work, again using Brock Lesnar as a base for comparison.


Regardless of how much his fans begged him to, he has yet to officially sign with the WWE. I’m sorry but he should have either signed up or retired and shut up about it. And to give his fans false hope for over a decade is am sorry to say, the epitome of douchebaggery.

And now the streak is over. Taken from us by no less then a part time wrestler who has about 3 matches a year. Brock Lesnar, with what would probably be a very similar contract in terms of work rate and pay that would have possibly been offered to Sting, now has the honor of being the one that beat the streak. And a day after the RAW following Wrestlemania the alert was sent via that Sting was now an official part of the roster (which at the time of publication turned out to be false, AGAIN).

But wait, now that the streak has been defeated, lets ask one simple question, why should we care now? Lets face it, WCW has been dead for a long time now (2001 as a reminder) and TNA hasn’t had much success in pulling the younger audience, so anyone who wasn’t a wrestling fan before 2002 and/or who were too young to be around for that era most likely will have never seen his work, or may have not even heard of him for that matter. So he isn’t really going to add much to the overall product now is he, apart from the nostalgic value he brings for old WCW fans (and to have his character in WWE2K15).

The only thing that kept him relevant was the hope that one day, he would be a part of the WWE roster and face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania for the streak, maybe even be the one to beat it.  For us older fans, it was a chance to see the old heart and soul of WCW take on the heart and soul of then WWF. And quite possibly, fans would have accepted this streak breaking victory a lot more than having Brock Lesnar win, taking into consideration the historical implications . But, we all know what happened.

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