The End Of The Streak (What Undertaker REALLY Wanted?)


The Streak is over… 21 – 1, at the hands of a man that many–myself, included–feel is the LEAST deserving candidate to get the “rub” that comes with being able to call themselves the “1” in “21 – 1”. But whether we approve or not, the decision was made weeks ago (probably longer than that, but I’ll address that in a minute), at the choice of The Deadman, himself. And whether we like it or not, Brock Lesnar is the man who gets to tout for the rest of his life that HE, and he alone, was the man who brought an end to the greatest spectacle in the WWE.

But is THIS what Undertaker really wanted? I’m not so sure… Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to say, “Lesnar changed the finish to the match,” or “Lesnar forced ‘Taker down and wouldn’t let him up.” And seriously, on another note, people… STOP. That’s ridiculously ludicrous. All Undertaker would have to do is twitch, or jerk, or kick a leg in any manner and the referee would’ve known, “2 count.” This was the ending that ‘Taker planned on, yes… But, perhaps it’s not EVERYTHING he wanted. 

Multiple sources; wzronline, wrestlinginc and wrestling observer newsletter, have all reported similarly, several months ago, that The Undertaker had expressed a desire to work with Daniel Bryan at last night’s WM30 event. Of course, at the time, most people (myself included) didn’t think too much of this. The only truly remarkable thing I saw behind this was expressed in the sentiment, “Wow. I hope Daniel Bryan realizes the compliment that he was just paid. Undertaker has asked to work with him; specifically! That’s an incredible honor!”

But now, after the dust has settled on arguably the most SHOCKING defeat in WWE History, I’ve had some time to settle, myself, and some time to think, and now, this has dawned in me in an entirely new light… As they say, “Hindsight is 20/20.” I believe, now, that Undertaker’s decision to “End the Streak” this year, was made months in advance. It was just a matter of him finding the right person to End the Streak… 

It’s been suggested that very few people inside the WWE were aware of the fact that Undertaker’s Streak was going to end last night; many people expressed genuine shock over event– Not the least of which being the entire crowd of 75,000-plus, inside the Silverdome (Oh, sorry. I meant Superdome… *Wink wink.*). And if this if, in fact, the case, then by not granting Undertaker his “wish” for Daniel Bryan as his opponent, Vince and Triple H may have, inadvertently, created the biggest “botch” in Wrestlemania history. 

My theory, as of this time, is that Undertaker decided he was going to end the streak a long time ago, and the reason he wanted to work with Daniel Bryan, was because he wanted for Bryan to have the “rub” of being the man to defeat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania… Undertaker, for years, has been considered the unofficial “Leader” of the Locker Room, the WWE’s true “Legend,” and the uncrowned “Hall of Famer.” But little people know that Undertaker is also known to be an incredible “Class Act.” He’s never had a problem with laying down in order to put over the younger talents.

Kane, Khali, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels– The list of names that were given a “Leg Up” by a victory over The Undertaker contains a literal “Who’s Who?” of big names in the WWE. But what’s the biggest “Rub” that Undertaker could ever give? Being the ” – 1″ in his Undefeated Streak. My honest belief; Undertaker WANTED that to be Daniel Bryan… But Undertaker also knew that this may very well be his last year at Wrestlemania, all together.

I believe Undertaker KNEW that the only way he could ever allow his career to “Rest in Peace,” was for the Undefeated Streak at Wrestlemania to come to an end… And when the WWE gave their, “No” to Daniel Bryan vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30, The Undertaker, begrudgingly, decided that “It still ends at Wrestlemania 30, whether it’s Daniel Bryan or not.” But in my heart-of-hearts, knowing what we know, seeing what we’ve seen, and looking back at the way ‘Taker specifically requested Daniel Bryan as his opponent at Wrestlemania 30, all those months ago, I truly believe that it was his desire to put over Daniel Bryan, and give him that Crowning “Gem” of achievement, as “coronation” to Bryan’s succession as the new, unofficial “Face” of the WWE.

I believe that it was never a matter of Undertaker believing that Brock Lesnar was the most “deserving” candidate to break his streak; it was a matter of Undertaker not being allowed the opponent he wanted, and a matter of Undertaker believing that HE, himself, was “deserving” of retirement… And who among us can dispute that? For all of the decades Undertaker has devoted to the WWE– To Wrestling, in general– and all of the accomplishments and sacrifices he has made over his career, Undertaker has earned his retirement and his spot in the Hall of Fame several-times-over.

So, here’s to the Streak, and the memories that will never die… And here’s to the long-deserved retirement to, arguably, the WWE’s greatest legend of all time. Thank you, Undertaker.

Thank you for the memories.

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