The Future Of The WWE: Bray Wyatt


The Wyatt Family have certainly turned heads ever since their formation on NXT Wrestling; and it was only a matter of time before they finally debuted on the main roster, and Bray Wyatt deserves the majority of the plaudits.

A superstar or diva can be remembered in a variety of ways, entrance music, an interesting gimmick or even a great move set. But with Bray Wyatt it is difficult to put your finger on one thing, the reason being he is just so gifted in a number of departments, and that is why he is the second superstar I look at as the future of the WWE.

The only blip he has in his career thus far is his failed character Axel Mulligan, making one appearance before going back to the familiar character of Husky Harris, the army tank with a Ferrari engine; where he showcases his talents beforehand by helping out CM Punk in the New Nexus.

As wrestling fans we should be thankful that the Husky character did not work out well either, if it did we would not be witnessing the most interesting character the WWE has seen in a number of years.

So, thank you Randy Orton for hitting Husky Harris with a punt kick which wrote him off television, the next time we saw him on the main roster, is as Bray Wyatt, the eater of worlds.

His character uses a lot of inspiration such as Waylon Mercy; which shows the Hawaiian-styled shirt with the white pants, and also Robert De Niro’s Max Cady in Cape Fear; but he has the ability to evolve his character every time and when you look closely you can see the techniques he is utilising.

His work on the microphone is and always has been top notch, you will see a handful of fans complaining that he makes no sense, but that’s the interesting factor in Bray Wyatt’s character, he is there to confuse you and make you think twice about everything he is saying.

Although Bray Wyatt is the stand out star in The Wyatt Family, picking up Erick Rowan and Luke Harper has had its positives, the family look more of a threat, they are revitalising the tag-team division and their gimmick as a whole just works so well, and with Bray Wyatt as the leader, or the head of the family, it just continues to add more importance to his reputation.

There were questions about Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family could they keep up with the other major group in the WWE; The SHIELD, and it is safe to say they have not only managed to stay on par with them at times, but in some cases they have overtaken The SHIELD.

There is a reason the WWE creative have chosen The Wyatt Family to feud with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, because Punk and Bryan will be able to get the best out of Bray Wyatt, and at 26 years of age there is still a whole lot more to come from the third generation superstar.

He is exactly what the WWE needs, what happens when the likes of Kane and The Undertaker decide to finally call it a day? What will the WWE do when they need a feared character with an immense amount of talent? Bray Wyatt is the answer, he has the skill, the look and the potential to carry the WWE when that time does finally arrive.

He is probably one of the best superstars in the WWE that knows how to really stay in character, and has done a truly magnificent job in playing a character which would be very difficult for most performers to master, he has made this character his own and deservedly so.

You cannot doubt his in-ring ability either, so-called wrestling fans will continue to play down his ability in the ring, especially after his much-hyped Ring of Fire match against Kane at SummerSlam. Obviously he was never going to showcase his full potential, he was against Kane; a man who just cannot make an opponent look his best in the ring.

Give him time, and he will produce, the reason he was given the tag ‘the army tank with a Ferrari engine’ because as such a large man he is just so deceivingly quick, and surprisingly flexible and obviously powerful; he has it all.

But perhaps what sets him apart the most, the little mannerisms and twists he puts on his manoeuvres, such as the exorcist/spider walk we have seen, things like that are what make his character so much more believable.

Bray Wyatt has it all in terms of carrying the WWE in the future, but you need to jump on the Bray Wyatt bandwagon now before it is too late.

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