The Future Of The WWE: Roman Reigns


For a while now, we have been aware that Roman Reigns is set for a major push in the WWE; which may come as a surprise to some as it was widely believed that Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins would be the superstars set for a bigger push.

But Reigns has continued to impress, and I believe he is the perfect superstar to begin with, in this series I will take a look at a number of superstars that have the potential to be the future of the WWE; and who better to begin with than Roman Reigns.

It is no secret that Survivor Series 2013 was a disappointment in a number of areas, lacklustre matches, the quality of the build-up was not great and some of the matches on the card did not suggest that this is such a massive event on the WWE calendar. But one superstar made that night his own, when we look back at Survivor Series in a number of years, the one name which we will mention, is Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns teaming up with his SHIELD members in Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, as well as The Real Americans as they took on the team of Goldust, Cody Rhodes, Jimmy and Jey Uso as well as Rey Mysterio in a traditional Survivor Series five-on-five tag team match.

Roman Reigns delivered four vicious spears as he led his team to victory, and was the sole survivor and that moment when he pinned Rey Mysterio signalled that Roman Reigns is the future, and he has finally arrived.

Yes, for a year now we have seen him as the muscle of The SHIELD, but we finally saw glimpses that this man can do it all in a team, or all by himself and Reigns sees himself follow a number of star-studded names who made their careers by memorable Survivor Series performances.

The Undertaker, Kurt Angle and The Rock all made their debuts at the coveted pay-per-view and although Reigns was first seen at last year’s pay-per-view, this was his first in-ring performance at Survivor Series, and what a performance it was.

Similar to a Randy Orton push in his earlier days, this looks like it is going to work, and the fans certainly made their feelings clear that they also believe Roman Reigns is destined for big things.

So, why do I believe Roman Reigns is the future? Well firstly he has the family history. Belonging to the legendary Anoa’i family, Reigns was born into this business, albeit his football career failed, the WWE was always there for him and what a backup plan it was as well.

The Rock, Jimmy Snuka, Jimmy and Jey Uso, Tamina, Rikishi, The Wild Samoans, Umaga and Yokozuna, all members of this legendary family. With the relations he has, he needs to utilise his connections and seize opportunity he gets.

The rumours online have not kept quiet on this either, for a number of months now the dirt-sheets have gone crazy ever since it was revealed The SHIELD were due to disband very soon, Dean Ambrose was the name on everyone’s lips but it came as a shock when it was being circulated that Roman Reigns will be the star the WWE want to push from the trio.

It’s not only a simple push, which can backfire like we have seen with Ryback or Curtis Axel for example, but it is expected that Roman Reigns will be ‘fast-tracked’ to the main event scene, a bold move but the faith is in Reigns to pull it all off and prove his supporters right, he is the one to watch right now.

He has that natural ability, he has used the speed and strength he could have utilised in football, and puts them all into practice in the WWE ring. With such little experience he has beaten all expectations, managing to pull off some brilliant moves without hurting the opponents, everyone is impressed with his brilliant Spear finishing move, and rightfully so.

His push means Roman Reigns will finally turn face, after being a heel for a year now seeing Reigns as a face will be refreshing, he will not need to talk as many people think this will be his ultimate downfall, the reaction he is expected to get matched by his incredible in-ring ability will be enough to get him over as a true face. This is what the WWE needs right now, with the only massive faces right now in the business being CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns will be the breakout big-man the WWE is lacking, moving away from the ageing big-men such as The Big Show.

One of the main reasons Reigns is so hot right now in the business, is because Vince McMahon believes in him. That is what matters the most in the company, and Reigns fits the bill, he is part of the McMahon machine, McMahon preferred the Triple H’s, the Diesel’s, Batista’s; all these big men whom people would be afraid of and be a physical specimen in the ring, and out of it also as you wouldn’t typically pass these kind of guys on the street.

He believes that with the likes of Daniel Bryan main eventing pay-per-views resulting in poor buys, he wants Reigns to fill that role and take them to that next level.

As Ryan reported, he is due to impress at the upcoming Royal Rumble pay-per-view in 2014, so the WWE are truly backing this man to go on and produce some special moment.

He is the hottest property in the wrestling business right now, will he become a World Champion during his career? Of course. Will he become a World Champion within the next year? I don’t see why not.

We have believed in The SHIELD, now it is time to believe in Roman Reigns.

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