The Great British Dream


Davey Boy Smith. William Regal. Dynamite Kid. Sheamus. King Barrett. Finn Balor. Alfred Hayes.

The list of British professional wrestlers is pack full with technicians, brawlers, legends, future hall of famers. There’s no doubt that British wrestlers have a majorly loyal fanbase, with the crowds in the UK being notoriously rowdy, and being from the UK myself we do stay true to our nation, supporting our native stars.


It has always confused me as to how little the WWE capitalises on the UK however. Sure, they come over a few times a year and put on 1 or 2 Monday Night Raw shows, but the fact that there has only been 1 UK based pay-per-view ever, which was back in 1992 is appalling! I may have gone to see Insurrextion back in 2002 but that’s no match to a major PPV like Summerslam?!

I would kill to see a PPV, however being 19, at university and struggling to afford bread and milk it’s tough to afford the plane ticket, event price, accommodation and food over in the US. It would be incredible to witness a PPV in the UK live and WWE would generate a lot of revenue and coverage by putting on the event.

Summerslam 1992 had an attendance of 80,000 fans, the third largest ever at the time, and the timeless 25 minute classic between Bret Hart and Davey Boy Smith was one of the greatest of all time. It would be brilliant. I am excited just writing this at the prospect of being at an actual PPV and just hope that one day it will happen.

There’s only so many Wrestlemania Revenge tours I can really take.

Thanks for reading!

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