The Greatest Matches Of All Time: Edition #4


Tomoaki Honma vs. Tomohiro Ishii (02/14/2015)

This is the latest 5-star match rated by the Wrestling Observer. On Wrestle Kingdom IX, Ishii was one of my favourites. He is an amazing fighter, and I am happy he managed to have his work recognized with this match. I don’t know anything about Honma, but he made a new fan out of me!

Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Genichiro Tenryu (06/05/1989)

This is an older puroresu classic. On a card which also included Sting and The British Bulldogs, Tsuruta and Tenryu fought in the main event for the AJPW Triple Crown Championship. Needless to say, it was easily the best match of the night from two Japanese wrestlers who helped pave the way for guys like Misawa, Kawada, and Kenta Kobashi.

Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Kenta Kobashi (10/31/1998)


I have been a Kobashi fan ever since I saw him fight Samoa Joe in ROH. I have seen Misawa work, and he really is one of the all-time greats..

Kobashi and Misawa are known for have large collections of 5-star matches, and many include singles/tag team matches against one another. Kobashi has 23, Misawa has 24, and considering how strict the Observer is with giving out 5-star matches, it proves how great they were.The video posted is their first 5-star match together in singles competition..

Sadly, Misawa & Kobashi may never get the recognition outside of Japan. Only wrestling enthusiasts outside of Japan know of their existence. Nevertheless, you should get on board as you will be seeing them again in future editions..

In 2009. Misawa took a belly-to-back suplex in the ring, lost consciousness, and died shortly after in hospital. Kobashi retired at the end of 2012, ending a 24 year career with a large tribute in his honour.

Thanks for reading and watching. Please leave a comment filled with the Japanese spirit below. Sayonara!

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