The Greatest Wrestling Faction Never Formed


Factions are a thing of the past in WWE. The last time we had a legitimate faction in this industry was two years ago. The Nexus, a group of NXT rookies led by standout Wade Barrett. Of course, we all knew how the story went. They invaded RAW during one of Cena’s matches and absolutely wrecked the place. They would dominate up until Summerslam, where the Nexus effectively lost all their momentum led by John Cena. Since then, we have not seen a big group of people dominate the WWE, and no, I do not consider The Authority a faction. I am talking about active wrestlers. Something caught my interest last year however. At the 2012 Survivor Series, The Shield made their debut and then they would go on to dominate since. This leads me to the greatest wrestling faction never formed.

Imagine this. WWE Champion CM Punk. United States Champion Dean Ambrose. WWE Tag Team Champions Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel. Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman. Take a minute to digest that. You have the longest reigning WWE Champion in the modern era CM Punk, the dominant Shield, the more than capable Brock Lesnar all managed by the greatest manager ever, Paul Heyman. The possibilities are endless and trying to predict the fun in what they are capable of doing adds to the fun. Imagine the promos between Punk and Ambrose. The wrestling ability of Rollins, Axel and Punk. The power of Reigns and Lesnar. The expertise of Paul Heyman. All combined into one single dominant faction that would undoubtedly run RAW. What would be their purpose? Perhaps it would be to seek justice. Or perhaps it is just to show sheer dominance.

Take this for example. Each member of this faction has had their run-ins with Cena. Punk has beaten Cena on a number of occasions. The Shield have beaten Cena in tag matches. Axel technically defeated Cena by count out one time. And Brock. Poor Brock. Last year at Extreme Rules, what we saw from Lesnar vs Cena was the exact equivalent of Goku vs Broly from Dragon Ball Z. Brock beats Cena down for a good portion of the match, but Cena somehow finds strength and after a very short burst, he beats Lesnar. Now it can be considered that they all should go after Cena, but I would be afraid to do so because any faction vs Cena is bound to fail for Cena would just bury them. I am sure their is a storyline for them somewhere.

There is no question that this group would be one of the most dominant of all time, and one of the most entertaining as well. This faction could have easily been formed this year but it never happened. This is the group I believe could have made some real change. Legitimate change. I have no doubt in my mind that this would be the greatest faction that was never created. I was pulling for a Survivor Series match with this faction since last year but that won’t be happening. Oh well, there is always Randy Orton vs Big Show right? Right?

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