The History and Evolution of the WWE Royal Rumble Logo


Then, WWE ditched it. So after 10 years of using Boston Traffic, they made a new logo and got rid of it the next year. Crazy.

But at least the 2017 logo, as generic as it is, worked very well:

Yes, it’s mostly just text. But we’re in a more minimalist culture right now (that I sometimes love and sometimes hate for various reasons) but the way they added the horizontal bar makes this worthwhile.

That directly acts as a top rope. Royal is positioned above it, so it’s going over the top rope. It’s simple and effective and just brilliant in how straightforward it is.

This quickly became one of my top 3 versions of this logo (the other two being 1996’s and 1989’s), so I was sad to see this new extruded and tilted thing they’re using for 2021:

Hopefully, this is a one-time deal and they go back to the horizontal bar from 2017-2020. That’s a design that has true staying power, whereas this is just, again, text and nothing more to it. It might as well say “Lego Collection” and be plastered on the packaging of a Duplo box or something.

Maybe you’re passionate about this sort of stuff, too. If so, how do you rank these? What’s your favorite version of the Royal Rumble logo? Do you have any alternative mock-ups or redesigns you’ve ever created you want to share with the class? Keep the discussion going in the comments below and let me know what other editions of this you’d like to see me tackle in the future!

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