The Latest Edition Of ‘WWE Fury’ + The Rock Speaks Out On Upcoming Baywatch Movie & More


— In an interview with MTV, The Rock spoke about the upcoming Baywatch movie.

He said: “We’ve all taken great care, and steps, into making sure that we do it right. We hired really great writers. We have a really director on board, Seth Gordon… he’s got a great vision. We want to make a big movie — a fun beach movie. [We want to] bring the beach movie back to the world, but also have something that has edge and has badass action and really dirty, rated-R humor, which is right in my wheelhouse. The casting of ‘Baywatch’ has become such a thing. We’ve cast Zac Efron, and now this is the fun thing about it. Who’s going to play C.J.? I can’t tell you the amount of calls we’ve been getting from the most gorgeous actresses and models in the world, from their agents and managers. They all want to be C.J.”

— The latest WWE Fury looks at WWE superstars crashing through stacked tables.

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