​The Latest Update On Jimmy Snuka’s Murder Trial – District Attorney Speaks Out, & More


A new article has been published by Laurie Mason Schroeder of The Morning Call, which provides some updates on Jimmy Snuka’s upcoming murder trial.

* Leigh County prosecutors are trying to bypass the preliminary hearing which would cut off months of court time. Chief Deputy District Attorney Charles Gallagher said that the hearing isn’t necessary because a Grand Jury has already provided a thorough probe.

Gallagher said: “Simply put, to require lengthy, complex testimony from an investigating grand jury to be repeated, for the sole purpose of establishing probable cause a second time, could be considered not only a waste of scarce grand jury and judicial time, but also a repetitious, costly, and superfluous layer of delay before trial.”

* A hearing for the motion is scheduled before Judge Maria L. Dantos on October 7.

* Attorney William E. Moore, who was with Snuka when he surrendered, said he’s no longer representing him. Court records do not list another attorney.

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