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The #Miranda Show: The Weirdest WrestleMania Ever


Miranda and Greg dig into the multitude of changes to WWE WrestleMania 36–what to expect and what could happen again in the future?

Wrestling’s favorite left-handed PLPs–Miranda Morales and Greg DeMarco–bring you another edition of The #Miranda Show!

This week’s topics include:

  • The show goes off the rails early, leading to the pitch for a new show!
  • It’s time to talk about a two-night WrestleMania!
  • What do you think about the alternative match types that we could see this year?
  • Could anything from WrestleMania 36 be replicated in the future?

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  • @ChairshotGreg
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The #Miranda Show is recorded live Tuesday nights and airs each Wednesday and Thursday as part of the Chairshot Radio Network, exclusively at The Chairshot Dot Com and eWrestlingNews.com!


The #Miranda Show

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