The Most Viewed Articles So Far.


After looking through old posts lately, it made me think about which articles have reached more than any other. We appreciate the time & effort put in by our writers, and I wish we’d have kept work from the old site so the list would be bigger. There’s no rating/sorting system for users, so I figured it’d be interesting to do something like this. Excluded news reports. Included any writers work with over 7k views; but only 1-3 links per writer.

In future I’d like to make this an annual thing if our users like it (eg. Most Viewed Articles of 2019). Would prefer not to make it a competition, so there’ll be no ranking or opinions on other’s work. I may edit old articles if the spacing is weird and/or pics & vids are broken. If for any reason a writer is unhappy with what I’ve done here, email ([email protected]) and let me know your thoughts. This should be a platform for writers to promote their work, and a hub for users to check out classics. Of course some may lose relevance overtime. Listed in alphabetical order to ensure no favouritism.

What do you think? Terrible idea? Good idea? Let us know what types of articles you’d like to see in future, and I’m sure one of our writers would be happy to take on the challenge! Any articles with a (*) next to it shows they were made this year.

Thanks for supporting us.

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