The Nexus Now!


Wade Barrett- Now Bad News Barrett and is the current Intercontinental Champion in his fourth reign.

Darren Young- First ever openly Gay WWE Superstar and has recently just broken up with Tag Team partner Titus ‘O’ Neil, currently injured.

Skip Sheffield- Now Ryback, once a contender to the WWE title now in a tag team with Curtis Axel(Curtis Axel)

Health Slater- Former 3 time Tag team champion, now lead member of 3MB jobbing to every Superstar their is but receiving lots of TV time.

Justin Gabriel- Former 3 time Tag team champion, now barely seen on TV but when is jobbing or winning matches with no meaning or purpose.

David Otunga- Currently off TV, Starred in “The Call” alongside Halle Berry, last Gimmick was him acting as a Lawyer.

Michael Tarver- He was released straight after Nexus splitting.

Husky Harris- Now Bray Wyatt feuding against the biggest names in the WWE such as John Cena and Daniel Bryan.

Michael Mcgillicutty- Former Intercontinental Champion as his new persona Curtis Axel and currently in a Tag team with Ryback(Skip Sheffield) 

Daniel Bryan- Former Mr Money In The Bank, Former U.S champion, Former World champion, Former WWE champion (2) and now current WWE World Heavyweight champ which he won in the Main Event of WrestleMania.

Who is your favourite Ex Nexus Member?

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